Tuesday, February 23, 2021

African American Month with Sweet Home Cafe Cookbook

Sweet Home Cafe Cookbook.

February is African American month, and this month I am so excited about diverse dishes.

There is a restaurant at the the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The name of restaurant is Sweet Home Cafe, but the restaurant is temporarily closed due to Covid-19.

Naming after the restaurant, this a cookbook with the recipes of dishes that served in the Sweet Home Cafe. This book a collection of African American dishes and cooking from entire this county that turn into national cuisines.

In addition to over 100 recipes and photos, the book also passes brief histories of foods, cultivates, recipes, traditions, and traditional cookwares, including their photos from the museum collection.

Inside the book, we can find the African American salads and sides, soups and stews, main dishes, pickles, snacks, sweets, and drinks. Basically, the recipes in this book are very familiar here, such as gumbo, pies, red bean and rice, red velvet cake, po'boy, or stew tomatoes and okra.

Tomato-watermelon salad (a quick shot from page 21)

If you like Creole cuisines, this book has Creole spiced boiled peanut, spicy pickle okra, rice pilaf, duck and crawfish gumbo, fried croakers, corn hush puppies, and praline.

Photos of salads are very inviting.

They look fresh and healthy, such as field green salad, baby kale salad, and mixed green with baby turnips. I took a quick shot from the book at page 21,

After all, the most dazzling from salad section is tomato-watermelon salad. This summer salad is very easy, simple, and attractive.

I would give it a try: heirloom tomatoes, seedless watermelon, onion, tossed in the hot vinegar (extra virgin olive oil, sherry vinegar, sea salt, ground black pepper, and cayenne), and coarsely chopped flat-leaf parsley.

Great combination of crisp, sweet, juicy watermelon and luscious tomatoes.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Louisiana Style Canned Sardines in the Market

Sardine in hot sauce

I, actually not consume fish or their relate products very much, eat them very rare. I just consume beef and chicken, but not every day.

There are a kind of “new product” by “great value” brand, sold in Walmart groceries across Louisiana state in recent days that are small canned sardines in the:

- hot sauce

- oil

- water

The price is quite cheap, the single canned sardines with size 3.75 oz (106 gram) cost 0.88 cents.

Spicy hot sauce is Louisiana style flavor. In my opinion, the sardines are fresh even compared to other well known brands. Very good to add to:

- pasta

- salads

- sandwiches

Sardines look fresh in the can

From label, the ingredients are following:

- Maltodextrin

- Acetic acid

- Salt

- paprika

- modified cornstarch

- spices

- Xanthan gum

- Polysorbate 80

- Caramel color

- Tricalcium phosphate

It is said that sardines are wild caught, and highly “sources of omega-3 fatty acids.” Hence good for:

- lower blood pressure

- healthy health

Do you like sardines? What brands of your favorite?

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

What is in the Valentine's conversation KISSES?


Fig 01- A single 12 ounces (340 gram) Kisses

Who can refuse KISSES, especially in the Valentine's Day?

This heavenly milk chocolate with teardrop-shaped is available in many sizes with a romantic fashion for the Valentine's Day.

Valentine KISSES offers a single candy in a beautiful pink box. The above picture is a giant milk chocolate single KISSES 12 ounces (340 gram) candy, wrapped in red Valentine's day foil in a pretty box.

The smallest one is a milk chocolate single candy, 12 ounces (340 gram), wrapped in red Valentine's day foil in a pink box.

Beside a single candy in the box, Hersey KISSES has the Valentine's conversation.

What is that?

Kisses's milk chocolate candies with a sweet message in each one of candies.

These teardrop-shaped milk chocolate candies were wrapped with pink, purple, and blue shiny foils. The message is in the bottom of the candy's wrapper.

What are the messages?

Fig 02- A single 1.45 ounces (41 gram) Kisses in a pink box

LUV U, UR Sweet, Me + You, Wanna KISS, Sweet KISS, Let's KISS, HUG Me, BFF, Hey You, LOVE & KISSES, A KISS 4 You, etc. 

Fig 03- Valentines conversation

KISSES Valentine's conversation has a sweet message in the bottom of each one candy.

Fig 04- Miniature Hersey's

Hersey also has Valentine Miniature candies which are mr.Goodbar, Krackel, milk chocolate, and special dark. Their wrappers are cute with pink and red with sweet heart-shaped flush.

Fig 05- A Valentine card

If you do not like any chocolate candy, here a piece of pizza in the giant card.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

“It's a Love Thing” in Victoria's Secret

Pink to red nuance is around the corners.

We are in February and the weather getting warm. Some houses in my neighborhood are dressed up with pink and heart wreathes on their front doors.

Welcoming Valentine's Day.

Pink to red nuance is around the corners, especially in the particular spot in the stores or malls.

Back to many many years ago when a new mall just opened, we're hanging out and shopping in the mall with friends.

We had never forgotten to stop by in Victoria's Secret. This store was always offering special edition and promotion for the Valentine's Day.

Then, it has been a while I did not access Victoria's Secret. I heard the store in this town about to close due to pandemic.

I goggled it, the store is still there and open. It is still a nice place to shop.

The store still offers the sexiest panties and lingerie, awesome bras and sleep wear, and alluring scents.

The scents are light and last

Now, I prefer to look and shop from my couch through online. This occasion, Victoria's Secret offers discount prices and online exclusive.

I am looking for body mist and lotions with the new scent, I am whipping up to try something new, especially with half prices or BOGO (buy one get one).

If you are looking for the idea for the gifts, “It's a love thing” to explore at www.victoriassecret.com

This site is also offering the nice, sweet, and sugary scent for the mists and the body lotions. The scents are light and last.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Could Avocado Reduce Metabolic Syndrome? - Health 20

Fig 01- Five avocados on the plate

Metabolic Syndrome is combine conditions such as “increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.”

These combination conditions may lead to increase risk of the following diseases include:

- heart disease

- stroke

- type 2 diabetes

Studies indicated that avocado may reduce metabolic syndromes. Avocado contains two types of fats to boost metabolism, they are:

- monounsaturated fat

- polyunsaturated fats

Since they boost metabolism, thus these two type of fats may reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Fig 02- Half cut of avocado.

It is believed that the avocado could improve our immune system to fight of micro pathogens.

Fig 03- Pile of avocados in the grocery

Avocado is good quality of diet, and delicious for me. It riches in nutrition too. The fruit contains:

- 20 vitamins, some of them are A, C, E, K, B6.

- minerals (magnesium, potassium)

- antioxidants (carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin)

Have you ever tasted avocado? Do you like it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sweet White Hominy Pearls Tossed with Coconut Shreds

Fig 01- The colder weeks and we “stay in our bubbles”

It was 355 days ago, when we were ready to celebrate the Rat Year of the Chinese New Year, I posted about the new coronavirus “The gloomy in the Beginning of the Year of Rat”.

It is over a year since this type of virus, then we called it Covid-19, came up and spread, the viruses are still hanging around in this world.

They do not want away from us. They develop becoming new strains instead of leave us. The new strains are more virulent than their original, and we have to be aware.

A physician from Baton Rouge, Dr O'Neal, warns us not to get out in the next couples of weeks. He encourages us to “stay in our bubbles”.

This weekend and Monday Martin Luther King Holiday, I just stay in my small bubble, enjoy reading and cooking.

I cook my own snack. I would like to share with you my special sweet snack recipe. It can be a snack or an appetizer. Wondering what is it? It is sweet white hominy pearls covered with coconut shreds. 

Fig 02- Canned hominy

The taste of hominy is heavenly. Sometimes, I cook chicken soups with hominy or posoles, and another time I make hominy porridge with sweet condensed milk and/or coconut milk. I also like to add hominy in my salads.

Fig 03- Sweet white hominy pearls tossed with coconut shreds

Hominy is a product of corn, so it is free from gluten, high fiber, low fat and low carb.

One cup (165 g) of hominy contents about 120 calories, and 4 g(16% daily value) of fibers.

For today, I use hominy from Juanita's. I empty hominy into the pot, rinse, and cover with water.

Put the pot on medium high and bring to boil, then add some sugar, stir a few times. When the texture is softer, drain, and toss with coconut shreds. Ready to enjoy!

Do you like hominy? What is your favorite hominy recipe? 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

May Leg Pains Lead to Artery Diseases? - Cardiovascular 4

White flowers, for illustration only

May be, many of us never thought that pain in the legs has relationship with other parts of body.

Legs pain may sign of cardiovascular system problems. It is caused by arteries blockage.

Arteries to be clogged, and difficult to carry the blood into legs. This is due to sticky mix of:

- calcium

- cholesterol

The blockage is dangerous, and called as peripheral artery disease (PAD). It also indicates of blocking coronary arteries too.

PAD could lead to risk increase of:

- stroke

- heart attacks

- limb amputations

A Christmas tree decorations

It was reported that based on aged, the estimated number of people who are affected on PAD:

- 5% of people at 50 years old or over.

- 20% of people at 70 years old or over.

The warning signs of PAD are clearly seen when people walking:

- slower compared to before PAD

- easy to get tired

- achy legs

- loss of leg hair

- foot ulcers that don't heal

However, peripheral artery disease could be improved by:

- walking therapy

- exercises

Walking and exercise regularly are proved to improve blood flow, blood circulation and reduce (diminish) leg pains.

African American Month with Sweet Home Cafe Cookbook

S weet Home Cafe Cookbook. February is African American month, and this month I am so excited about diverse dishes. There is a restaurant...