Monday, August 27, 2018

Cardiovascular Diseases: Nobody Can Replace a Mama's Love

The Heart ( 

Summer is over, and I need to reorganize my “study room” before Fall Semester get started. An orange storage bin in the corner of room attracted my sight. It was a pumpkin color bin for all my papers, notes, and text books of Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology and my research paper about Cardio-myocyte. 

I was holding my research report. It brought me to the time when I was high school, once a month I and whole my classmates circling stadium for Physical Science class. Now I lost three of them. They were my classmates, and one of them was a special person for me. 

I know her since we were fifteen-year-old at the first day freshman in the high school. We did our school assignments and projects together. We grew together. We spent the most our time in the school and after school activities, and the friendship get along until we got a job and married. Then, I had moved out from our town for some reasons. 

The last time I met her was in her office lobby when I came over to visit her. I saw her get out from her room walked toward me with her beautiful smile, gave me her warmest hug, and asked me about my new life in the new place. 

I still remember her happy face, happy life, and happy marriage with her adorable kids, and she was so excited to let me know that she, her husband, and kids were going spend a week vacation in Singapore. She and I love the things related to the fishes, we spent some times either fishing or visiting any fisheries in our county, so we have the same idea that the Underwater World Singapore was the best and closest place to introduce many species, sizes, hues, and behaviors of fishes to our kids. 

Each of us was so busy at work and taking care kids, but we still kept in touch via social media where we used to support each other. Suddenly, a bad news hit my nerves. It was un-acceptable...she was so young, agile, and always excited about her kids and her life. She passed away in doing her duty as a civil servant. It was so sad and so sudden. I was very much down to think about the kids, three of them (3, 5, and 7) always stick to her, they need her. Nobody can replace a mama's love for them.  It was a heartbreaking to imagine how her kids' feeling about losing their mama. Can they understand that their mama had never ever among them again...Oh nooo!!!!! 

The cause her death was very brutal. 

Two years later a boy that sit among us in the class also suddenly passed away, and the other one was last year he also passed away suddenly in his duty visitation.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Making Perfume in the Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Condenser for making perfume 

You, we, teenagers, young, old, all of us encountered what we call as “perfume” in daily life. May be thousands of perfume’s trade marks available in the market: from famous to ordinary, from cheap to very expensive; from attractive to ordinary scents. 

Many famous brand names perfumes made by modern manufacturer, mass scales, but some of them are homemade or small-scale industries. In principle, we can produce perfumes by ourselves too, even in the garages. 

First, we need apparatus called Condenser (please see above figure). It is a simple tool with two sides of tubulations:  distilling flask in one side, and the receiving flask in another side. Then, please prepared chosen fragrance herbs or shrewd plants in the distilling flask.  

There are plants or flowers could be sources of scent ingredient naturally, some of them are jasmine, lavender, amyris, lemongrass, eucalyptus, narcissus and common lilac. These plants known for their attractive fragrances. 

Distilling flask which contains crushed plants or flowers within liquid, then ready to be heated. Steam will bring the solvent, but crushed materials will stay in the distilling flask. Pure fragrance solvent will be collected in receiving flask. 

Basically, this solvent could be used for further purposes such as for making perfumes. You can make your own perfumes or may be your own brands. You may select many flowers you like as source of fragrances. Just an example, luxury brand, Chanel used fragrance that extracted from plenty flower species include jasmine, rose geranium and iris pallida.  

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Identification of Microorganism in Healthcare

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HPV: The Virus Which Donald Trump didn’t Know

Staphylococcus aureus caused bone and joint infections 

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli

Thus, it is crucial to know what kinds of microorganism to cause what diseases, then the doctor could treat the diseases which caused by specific microorganism. Specific drug could be used to target specific microorganism...……………….

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