Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Bird on the Exit Sign in the Library

A cute bird

When I came to the library in my town, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is surprising me that a small black bird on the exit sign. I saw from a quite distance, I thought it was really bird. How come the bird could enter library? I ask myself.

After walking closer, aww… a fake little cute bird, a sign for whoever lost their way in the library, especially for new visitors. A quite smart way to get attention from visitors. 

I guess the bird is black crow, where Corvus sp is its scientific name. Some people call American crow. The birds are easily seen throughout USA. I myself often observe the birds in my backyard. They are perching on the branches of my trees. 

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Actually, crows are urban residents, not only found a lot in my current city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but also seen across cities in America. 

Naturally, this omnivorous bird eats everything from animals (other birds, bird eggs, insects and small rodents) to vegetables and wild fruits. Since the birds live in the city, they might search foods in the garbage cans.

The black crows are illegal to be harmed or to destroy their active nests, it is because they are protected by federal law.  Penalties could be maximum to 6 months in prison and a fine to maximum US$15 thousands.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Lobsters have Good Nutritional Values for Health - Health 1

Live lobster with a price tag

When I come to ethnic groceries or Asian shops, I always find live lobsters sold in the aquarium with quite expensive price for me. Include shell and wet body, the grocery sells US$ 9.99 per-pound or more than US$ 20 per-kg with sale tax. 

It is mean that there are plenty consumers for these crustaceans.  Since the groceries sell every day, it may have highly market demand for lobster. Then, we might have a question: Is lobster good for health?

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In respect to nutritional values, yes, lobster contains of minerals (copper, selenium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium), vitamins (vitamin B12 and vitamin E) and omega-3 fatty acids. 

However, lobster does contain cholesterol. Lobster contains 124 mg in 85gram meats. If we have 1.5-pound lobster means that there is around 170-gram meat. Thus, 1.5-pound lobster would have 248 mg cholesterol. 

It is allowed to consume 300 mg cholesterol daily for healthy people.  Hence, highly healthy for people even to eat 1.5 pound lobster per-day (if they wish to). In addition to mineral and vitamins, lobster is source of protein. It is good for diet too, since its contain lower fat and lower calories.  

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Pulmonary Hypertension Type - Cardiovascular 3

The cartoon from shows the illustration about pulmonary hypertension.

From previous article (what-does-hypertension-mean?), we know two types of hypertension, they are “pulmonary artery (pulmonary hypertension) and in aorta (arterial/systemic hypertension).”

Pulmonary hypertension is less common. 

This kind of hypertension is caused by high blood pressure in the lung. The blood vessel in the lung become stiff, narrow, damage, so that the right side of the heart (the part of heart that pump blood to the lung) hardly to pump the blood into lung. This problem is often misunderstood disease. 

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the most common causes the pulmonary hypertension. 

The signs normally enlargement of veins on the side of the neck, irregular heart sounds and swelling in the abdomen, legs, or feet.

Both asthma and COPD are serious health problem, asthma is problem for 300 million people worldwide. The COPD could further cause morbidity and mortality. 

Both are different diseases but have similarities in term of pathophysiologic characteristics. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) categorized five groups of pulmonary hypertension (please see above Figure).  

They are: pulmonary arterial hypertension, pulmonary hypertension of heart diseases, pulmonary hypertension of lung diseases, pulmonary hypertension of chronic thromboembolism and  pulmonary hypertension of unclear multifactorial mechanism. 

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