Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Look Like Christmas Trees, but Red Leaves

A kind of Christmas tree in Autumn

As we know there are a lot of Christmas tree farms in the USA, where farmers grow trees such as spruce and pine for using as a living Christmas tree. Varieties of Virginia pine and Leyland cypress are popular in Louisiana or American Southern.  

The price depends on species, the average is around US$50 for Virginia pine and Leyland cypress, but little bit higher for Fraser Fir. Two meters (6 foot) height is common size for tree and proper for sitting in the corner of house. 

Two maple trees

We saw a kind of Christmas trees in term of form and structure in the parking lot of a supercenter in our city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The different is that these trees not evergreen, the leaves change to red in autumn.

Autumn trees in parking lot

The red leaves “Christmas” trees refer to red maple, their distribution is quite widespread, from North America to American South. The tree is able to adapt to various conditions: cold to warm areas, swamps to dry, rich to poor soils and grow well up to 3 thousand feet 900 meter). 

The height size could reach 100 feet (30 meter) and maple trees have attractive leaves colors during autumn, thus it is usually planted for landscapes. Some farmers extracted the tree for maple syrup, well known product in America and Canada. 

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