Saturday, January 19, 2019

How to Know Signs of Alzheimer? - Health 2

Illustration, credit to Geriatric Nursing

Alzheimer is a diseases which first diagnosed by German psychiatrist, Alois Alzheimer in 1906. The people with this diseases usually loss their memory and have language problems. 

The fact that there are 44 million people living with Alzheimer worldwide. It is might be higher, since less record and less diagnosed in developing countries.

The scary projection indicated growing number of people with Alzheimer in industries countris such as America and Canada in coming future. 

There are 5.7 million Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer diseases now, and estimated will be 16 
millions in 2050.

In Canada, 700 thousands are afflicted with Alzheimer, and predicted will be 1.4 millions in 2031.

The question then, how you know early signs of Alzhemeir? Here some warning signs:

1) Forget simple things frequently such as house or car’s keys
2) Forget what day is today.
3) forget recent events and new information
4) Difficult to do daily routines such as difficult to prepare breakfast and forget to use knife.
5. Difficult to remember simple words or to pronounce them
6. Difficult to recognize colors

Please see doctor if you or some one you love have above early signs. Yes, no medicine could cure Alzheimer diseases so far, but the diseases highly possible be able to be mitigated as early diagnosed as possible.

The uncontrolled Alzheimer diseases damages brain’s center which control our breathing, thus could lead to death. In term of rank, death due to Alzheimer is sixth in the USA, around 4% of death in recently. It is estimated to increase because growing of older population.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Take Care of Winter Storm

Snow in the neighborhood, credit to Hillary Tan

In the middle of January 2019, it is predicted that winter storm will visit the central and eastern USA for several days (start on January 16, 2019). One of reasons is a blast of cold air from Arctic region.

Temperature is expected to drop to F below zero or around 17 C minus, so much below the freezing point with might be more than a one feet snow. 

Since winter storm cause temperature dropping and bring snow, and snow could cover many spots, thus very hazardous to walk or drive in this condition. 

Impact not only to individual, but also to community, and even to animal. High and chilly wind may cause personal injuries, and sometimes deaths. It is often that the storm has strong effect on travel, business and school activities. Hundreds of flight may be canceled.

House maintenance is expensive during cold season. Snow and ice could cause on water pressure, sump pump and water temperature, then lead to plumbing problems. 

To avoid hypothermia where our body may become freeze due to lack of blood circulation, thus body has extra works when exposure to extreme cold by pushing more blood to keep lungs and heart to get warming and working properly. 

Take care yourself during extreme temperature of cold storm

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Evi Erlinda – Book, HPV: The Virus Which Donald Trump didn’t Know Sold in Japan

Book advertising in Japanese, taken from
I am joyful when know that my book with title “HPV: The Virus Which Donald Trump didn’t Know” sold in Japan. It is because my book written in English. Based on EF English proficiency rate, Japan got score 52.88, rank 49 of 88 in respect to English skill, considered low for an industrial country.
As quoted from Tsuboya-Newell (2017) that “Although English is a compulsory subject in junior high and high school in this country, Japanese still have a hard time achieving even daily conversation levels. "
Average Japanese have vocabularies around 400 words with very basic grammar. 
This would broadly concur with the EF results) This does not imply any productive ability in English, and it is a fairly low bar--essentially, it means that the average Japanese person can read English at the level of an American kindergartner or first grade student.” (Wallace, 2015).
Top 10 ranking of countries by English skill are:
01. Sweden
03. Singapore
04. Norway
05. Denmark
06. South Africa
07. Luxembourg
08. Finland
10. Germany
Actually, the book is my first book written in English, and virus is a new field for me.
My main goal is to distribute and sharing knowledge as far as possible and reach people as many as possible. 
Price tag is Yen 850 equal to US$ 7.83 or Euro 6.83. I think that it is reasonable price

Tsuboya-Newell, I. 2017. Why do Japanese have trouble learning English? The Japan Times. Retrieved from
Wallace, P. 2015. What percentage of educated Japanese can read English? Retrieved from

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