Monday, September 9, 2019

Have you Eaten Alligator Meat?

Alligator fillet sold in Walmart

I went to Walmart Neighborhood yesterday, I wanted to pick fish fillet, and I saw filet of alligator accidentally.

I thought this kind of “meat” sold in the specific market, never expected that they are available in grocery stores like Walmart.

Yes, Louisiana has a great number of alligators:
- 2 million wild alligators
- 300 thousand farming alligator.

Several other states have alligators as well, the number from millions to thousands, they are:

- Florida

- Georgia
- Alabama
- Mississippi
- South Carolina
- North Carolina
- Texas
- Oklahoma
- Arkansas

Recipe to cook alligator fillet (back packed)

When I asked friends of mine from Louisiana, they said that there are alligator burgers and cooked alligator sold in the certain seafood markets as well.

I tried to “googling” to find out Louisiana’s recipe for alligator meat. Surprisingly, many recipes and dishes relate to alligator meat.

One of Louisiana dishes called Cajun with alligator meat
(Credit to Louisiana Cookin’).

It is said that alligator meat is good for health because of low fat and highly protein content.

Favorite parts of alligator to eat are:
- tenderloin (inner tail)
- legs (called as white legs’ meat)

The meat are processed like other cow or chicken meats, they can be found in the market in the form of:
- fillet
- sausages
- soup ball
- used for steak or stew.

I've never eaten or planned to eat alligator meat in near future. I just feel odd.

Have you eaten alligator meat? 


  1. For meats I am very delicate, not to mention that I suppose I was born a vegetarian ... ha ha ha
    It has always been a great effort to get rid of my imagination regarding these poor dead animals to satisfy the taste of humans.

    A hug.

  2. Really?! Can you eat alligator meat?
    Only when I think ... my stomach gets upset! :)))
    Give me vegetables ... lots of vegetables and I will be happy!


  3. I only eat meat at weekend. I never tried crocodile meat.

  4. i do not know if i am ready to est such a meat xd

  5. È interessante sapere questo anche se non mangerei mai carne di alligatore, solo a pensarci! Ciao Evi e buona serata.

  6. Is she eating alligator meat? I didn't know that ...

  7. Mai mangiato carne di alligatore.
    Buona serata.

  8. Para los chinos todo lo que vuela y camine son comestibles

  9. Por España no se acostumbra a comer ese tipo de carne...lo más frecuente es la carne de cerdo, ternera, pollo, pavo, conejo y también venado.
    Aunque acostumbro a comer carne, prefiero mejor el pescado.


  10. I never eat alligator. Isn't popular in Brazil.

    Kisses ;*

  11. Wow I 've never heard it, definetly is not popular in Spain, I'd never imagined that alligator can be food hehe, so curious.

  12. I've actually eaten alligator meat in Florida and it did NOT agree with me!! I've never been so sick!! So no more for me ;) Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. Evi, I have never tried alligator meat. I don't want.

  14. Yes, Evi, I have eaten and it is exquisite, very similar to chicken, in various recipes and preparations. Where I was born, in Goya, province of Corrientes, northwestern Argentina, an area called mesopotamia, it is a very popular food and in the varied Correntine jungle fauna the crocodile is called yacaré.

    By the way I wanted to eat it. Here in the urban area of ​​the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where I live today, there is almost no consumption of yacaré (cocodrilo) meat.

    Another great post, Evi. See you later... and big hugs!!

  15. Uy no creo que la coma y aunque te parezca raro me dan pena los cocodrilos. Te mando un beso

  16. I've never had it before, and frankly am not dying to try one soon:D

  17. Si la he comido varias veces y también la compre en Walmart aqui en Monterrey Nuevo Leon...Saludos

  18. Oh that is quite an information for me Evi :)

    how surprised i am to know that it is so normal to eat this meat at your part of land my friend

  19. I never eat alligator meat. Maybe It's hard to Chew due to thick meat

  20. I can always find out something interesting on your blog :)). You can't buy alligator meat in Poland. I wonder how it tastes :)). Have a nice day!

  21. I've never hear about eating aligator meat. I'm curious how it tastes :)
    I follow your blog.

  22. Wow!!! Alligator meat!!! Very interesting :D!!!

  23. Alligator meat? I am not sure I have gut to try it. LOL..

  24. No, thank you. I don't think I want to try.

  25. Never tried this meat and I am sure the taste is very exotic. The fact that is very nutritive and low on fats could motivate me to try it some day.

  26. I never eat that meat and I guess I wont like it. But I saw it on supermarket here in Portugal.

  27. Das sieht doch mal richtig lecker aus, probiert haben ich Fleisch von dieser Tierart allerdings noch nicht. LG Romy

  28. I often drive by a spot that sells it on my way to the lake but have never stopped. Maybe I should!

  29. Aquí en España, que yo sepa, no se comercializan, pero a pesar de ello lo probé en una ocasión, en el pabellón de Australia, de una feria gastronómica de Naciones, que vino a Sevilla, hace dos años.
    Y me llevé una agradable sorpresa, ya que su sabor era bastante apetitoso, aunque tuve que pensar que estaba comiendo carne de otro animal.
    Gracias Evi, por tu buen hacer.
    Un abrazo.

  30. Very funny your blog. I dont speack english Muchas gracias because you read my blog.

  31. Yeah, here in my country that meat is popular

  32. Wow! I've never tried it and even I didn't know it.

    Best regards

  33. Alligator? I'm not sure I would try it!

  34. Honestly, I even didn't think about to eat this meat so far :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  35. I never ate crocodile meat and in Lisbon (where I live) I never saw it for sale. I saw it when I was in Thailand but I didn't eat it.
    Excellent post

  36. I have never eaten and I don't know if I would like hehe: D I also don't know if such meat is available in the UK, probably not :) :**

  37. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing, xx

  38. La comida mediterránea,es mucho mas sabrosa

  39. No I have never eaten alligators meat its really creepy you know

    Have a nice day
    Kinza Khushboo
    Glamorous without the Guilt
    Bloglovin | Glamorous without the Guilt

  40. OMG aligator, no rsrs great post


  41. eating alligator meat? what does it taste like? argh! I can't imagine! eeeuuuuwwww

  42. Ay nunca he comido carne de cocodrilo. No dudo que sea buena para la salud. Habrá que probarla?
    Un beso

  43. Estou te seguindo!

  44. I don't think I will try that in the future☺

  45. No creo que lo probaría ! Espero verte pronto por mi blog ! Feliz día! 🧡🧡🧡

  46. I prefer to join with vegetarian rather than eat it

  47. I would definitely not eat alligator meat, ick! haha!

  48. hiii!
    I didn't and I'm not sure that I'm gonna it someday...

  49. Evi,
    a very interesting post, however:
    I will not eat alligator, snails, frogs, wild boar, roe deer, snake, nutria, beaver.
    Hugs and greetings:)

  50. In Poland, alligator meat is little known, I don't know if I would decide to eat it...

  51. En tu blog esta la cultura,que a veces es tan necesaria

  52. HI ! no never!but maybe one day I can try it :)

  53. Once, on a pizza. It tasted fishy. To be honest, I feel odd about it too. I wouldn't have it again because it just seems like something that should not be eaten. People rave about it though...and I am sure I eat things that other people, worlds away, may find unpalatable. Hot dogs, for example!

  54. Warna dagingnya merah seperti ayam ya, mungkin klo org gak tau itu daging alligator langsung makan aja, kalau udah dikasi tau, huaa :D

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