Thursday, September 12, 2019

Learning a New Language Against Alzheimer's Disease - Alzheimer's 09

CD to learn several foreign languages, illustration only

Can you speak more than one language?

Here, one of activities of churches and libraries is to facilitate communities to learn new languages.

This service is free and everybody can join them. A chapel on campus serves not only English (English Second Language) but also Spanish and Chinese. How fun!

For children, many of them grow up exposed to two languages from an early age. It does not hard for them to learn more than one language at the same time, even they tend to borrow one word from another.

We still remember the concepts in the past about bilingual. It said that bilingual was bad for brain. By then, many scientists have conducted researches about bilingual and multilingual. 

Learning Spanish

The researches had been done for bilinguals in all level of ages, from bilingual in baby to bilingual in elderly. Many amazing findings about them.

Brian Gold, a neuroscientist found that people who bilingual since childhood are better at the high-order thinking than monolingual seniors.

Craik and his colleagues conducted a research for 211 patients who diagnosed with probable Alzheimer's in clinics at Baycrest, Toronto, Canada. They classified the patients as bilingual (102 patients) and as monolingual (109 patients).

He said “We found that the bilingual patients had been diagnosed 4.3 years later and had reported the onset of symptoms 5.1 years later than the monolingual patients. Bilingualism thus appears to contribute to cognitive reserve, which acts to compensate for the effects of accumulated neuropathology”

The data confirm that lifelong bilingualism give a protection against the onset of Alzheimer's Disease. 


  1. Hello Evi!

    So, a little bit "brain gymnastic" is good ...
    You give us very important information.
    Thank you very much!

    Hugs from the Netherlands!

  2. An interesting post I read about it with bilingual children learning two languages ​​at once.

  3. In un mondo globalizzato è necessario conoscere più lingue possibili e io apprezzo chi le sa parlare. Purtroppo io conosco a malapena un po’ di francese, comprendo un po’ lo spagnolo e comprendo pochissimo l’inglese. Sono un asino. L’iniziativa che ci hai descritto è davvero lodevole. Buona serata.

  4. Dear Evi!
    Very valuable information.
    Hugs and greetings.

  5. Very interesting contribution, Evi. Invaluable really.

    In fact I try to improve my English with your articles and I love it when I get it.

    Huge hugs.

  6. Tu blog es muy interesante,en ellos nos podemos aprender algo

  7. A foreign language is an asset. Knowing more than one language is very helpful in life. I master three languages, and have some knowledge in two more languages.
    I gretly reccommend parents to expose their children to the learning of languages.

  8. Hi Evi what an interesting post,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

  9. Fabulous post!! I took French and Spanish classes, but sadly I don't remember most of it. Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Uy gracias por el dato y siempre es útil aprender un idioma. Te mando un beso

  11. Very interesting information! I took Spanish in high school and college. I was surprised how much I remember from learning Spanish!

  12. Que interesante y no sabia lo del bilinguismo.........Saludos amiga.

  13. Ever is a good moment to learn a new language

  14. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards

  15. Thanks for sharing this interesting info :)

  16. funny but interesting ☺
    good that there are such places ☺
    best regards

  17. I believe learning a new language, playing chess and any activities leading brain gym help to delay alzheimer's disease. Best regards:)

  18. Aprender siempre es interesante. Y si ayuda a la enfermedad.
    mejor. La sufrimos con mi padre 11 años y es muy triste.
    Buen fin de semana.
    Un abrazo.

  19. Hello
    Learning Portuguese is a great idea because it's a hard language I bet Alzheimer's comes later ahahah !!


  20. I can well believe that learning and using a second language helps exercise the brain. Speaking and understanding a second language forces your mind to work in ways it doesn't need to do when speaking your native language. Different languages work differently, emphasizing and de-emphasizing different kinds of distinctions. Expressing an idea in Japanese is very different from expressing the same idea in English.

    Of course it has other benefits. When visiting a foreign country, knowing some of the language is practically useful and often makes a good impression on the local people.

  21. Es un placer pasar por su blog Saludos de fin de Semana

  22. I need to learn more languages then. :)

  23. Hi, Evi! It is very interesting to learn different languages.

  24. I am learning to speak in Mandarin.

  25. great knowledge dear Evi

    my father could speak more than seven languages spoken in various parts of our country though he never visited abroad to learn foreign language

    i can speak three provincial and one foreign (english)
    our brain is designed for learning if it won't stay in practice process will slow eventually

  26. I'm a language teacher and I actually read about this. Learning a new language is good for our brain. I'm multilingual and I love learning languages.

  27. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  28. Ho gradito molto la lettura del tuo articolo.
    Buona domenica,silvia

  29. ¡Hola Evi!

    Me gusta mucho este Post, veo estupendo que ahí tengan los niños y no tan niños, la oportunidad de aprender idiomas gratuitamente, eso no pasa en todas partes.
    Si es importante ser bilingües y si se enseña en la infancia, mejor que mejor.

    Ha sido un placer visitar esta tu casa.

    Te dejo mi inmensa gratitud y mi gran estima.
    Un beso y se muy, muy feliz.

    Hello Evi!

    I really like this Post, I see great that there are children and not so children, the opportunity to learn languages ​​for free, that does not happen everywhere.
    If it is important to be bilingual and if it is taught in childhood, better than better.

    It has been a pleasure to visit this your home.

    I leave you my immense gratitude and my great esteem.
    A kiss and be very, very happy.

  30. Hi Evi, Learn new things is always goog. Learn a new languagem is better is even better. This is a great initiative from the church and the library.
    Inventando com a Mamãe / Instagram  / Facebook / Pinterest

  31. You bring up such interesting topics! I'm so glad I came to your blog today)

  32. I am precisely a pre-retired French teacher. I have taken several English courses, so I speak it and understand it at the basic level, before with practice I mastered it better.
    I also understand Portuguese and Italian in a basic way, although I don't speak them.
    Let's say that languages ​​have always been part of my life, the bad thing is that in Spain, this issue has not been valued, in general, until a few years ago.
    You have a good day!
    A hug


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