Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Psychedelic Artist Peter Mark and Alzheimer's Disease - Alzheimer's 18

Liberty and Flag (Credit: Peter Max)

Have you heard that the dementia fuels creativity?

The New York Times in the middle of this year revealed all about the Artist Peter Max and delivered the essential point what we need to know about the the artist and his ability for life.

It was shock news!

Peter Max is an American artist. He was born in Berlin and grown in China, then landed in New York. He is known as psychedelic artist.

The New York Times investigated about his financial exploitation. Peter max is 81 year old and he is struggling with his advance dementia. By 2012, his mental faculties declined but he “kept” his activities as an artist.

For four years he was not able to hold the brushes and create any paintings but in the fact his paintings were produced and cash flowed better and better from year to year.

Just for last year, 2018, the profit was $ 30 million from his paintings. The painting mostly sold in the cruise line.

Screen shot from the Norwegian's Travel blog on August 2014.

What was going on? The artist severe with his disease, so who had done the paintings? The investigation couldn't find that something wrong doing about the original paintings.

His dementia leads him to be a prolific painter” is such a statement from some people when they sell Peter Max's paintings. This statement gives you a shock, doesn't it?

Here, what is giving you another shock: “They bring people off the street to mass produce of his paintings and paid minimum wage”.

Then they hold out the artist hand to sign all of those painting as “if they were his own”, was described by the New York Times from people who witnessed it. 

Umbrella Man (Credit: Peter Max)

One lady bought one of his paintings about four years ago said that this creative man surrounded by “hundred of leeches feeding of him”.

The reporter of the New York Times met him in his apartment, he just quite and confuse, remember nothing. Peter Max could not talk to him, then he just left him.

After 12 days I read this news from the New York Times, I got the other shock news: the last woman that he married with committed suicide.


  1. Hello, Evi! I wish Peter Max good health! May our Lord help him to struggle with his disease.

  2. Muy buena información amiga, saludos.

  3. Un articolo originae, e molto significativo, che ho apprezzato
    Un saluto,silvia

  4. Un artista a tuttotondo, mi dispiace molto per la sua malattia e sono indignata per tutte quelle persone che senza scrupoli lo sfruttano, vergogna. Ciao Evi, buona giornata:)

  5. Interesting story!
    What a strange man this "artist" was!
    What the disease can do to a soul ... that's really shocking!
    Have a nice day, Evi!


  6. Very interesting post. Have a nice day:)


  7. It is very good to argue such investments of sick people, this helps in healing.

  8. it's amazing that people suffering from what diseases can create such beautiful works 😀

  9. Interesting information. Sad also.

  10. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing!

  11. Wow, that's so interesting and really amazing!
    In my opinion, in some way, this case can give hope that, even if you have to deal with a bad desease like dementia, you can still have a purpose and someway take some goodness from life!

  12. It is very sad how people exploit others :-|

  13. Noticia interesante. No esta bien querer aprovecharse de una persona enfernma,
    Buen miércoles Evi.
    Un abrazo.

  14. I must admit I really like his style of painting.

  15. Bardzo ciekawa historia. Obrazy Piękne!
    Pozdrawiam Polski, Alina

  16. Dementia and Alzheimer's desease are very common problems nowadays and we try our best to live with it and try not change our lifestyle too much. This is why I believe that is normal for a person with similar problems to work, create a still make money in these circumstances too. People might also be more interested in the work of such person and therefore increase the request.

  17. Un triste final, para una persona que sufre esa terrible enfermedad; y una vergüenza, que la codicia y el deseo de lucro, de otros, se quieran aprovechar de él.
    Enhorabuena, Evi, por esta entrada que además de hablarnos de la enfermedad de Alzheimer, sirve también como denuncia, de los bajos instintos del ser humano.
    Feliz semana.

  18. So sad story but thanks for share darling, super informative

  19. Very interesting post


  20. Uy pobre pintor te da pena como se aprovechan de su nombre y su enfermedad. Te mando un beso

  21. I saw an exhibit of his paintings about nine or ten years ago. They're really quite bright and mostly happy. I read that same article. It was quite sad, I thought.

  22. Great post, Evi for your series on Alzheimer's disease ... In art is the answer to many of the evils of this world. I have that conviction forever. The supreme humanism will come through art.

    Huge hugs, Evi!!

  23. Great article Evi of Alzheimer desease. Have a nice weekend. Greetings Caroline

  24. Ja Het is een vreselijke ziekte, goed verhaal. Leuk dat U mijn blog bezocht.
    Groet Kees.

  25. I didn't know the artist! Thanks for sharing. :)
    O diário da Inês | Facebook | Instagram

  26. Big Hugs!! Deep Post Here. Be Well & Stay Strong!


  27. Another sad commentary on the human race...

  28. Very interesting post ... sick artist and beautiful work ...

  29. Oh gosh... This is all so sad. What a shame that he is being taken advantage of.

  30. Very interesting story. I didn't know the artist.

    Best regards

  31. Nice to hear that this artist was able to channel his dementia in a positive way with his art.

  32. Blogunuz oldukça güzel ve emek verilmiş.Kaleminize sağlık.Yeni
    açtığım bloguma zaman ayırıp takip ederseniz oldukça mutlu olurum.Sağlıcakla Kalın.


  33. This is realy sad but at the end there are some good news :)

  34. estupendo post ! Muchas gracias por tus visitas , es un placer verte por mi blog ! Que tengas Feliz Navidad ! 🎄🎄🎄 ( No se si me pasaré por aquí hasta entonces ) ☃️🦌🎅

  35. Very interesting post about Peter Max and his artwork. Who knew?

  36. oh end of the story made me bit sad
    a very interesting sharing as always dear Evi !

    yes it is surprising how dementia led him to be a better and famous painter
    this we call miracle here :) aren't we
    wishing you all the happiness and peace inlife my dear friend!

  37. the last woman that he married with committed suicide.

    oh my... what a sad ending...

  38. Um artista que desconhecia!
    Grata por partilhar, uma história tão interessante!...


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