Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Gloomy in the Beginning of the Year of Rat

The cartoon of the Year of Rat

This opening of the first year of the Chinese zodiac cycle seems will be a historical year in Medical Microbiology.

We welcome to symbol of this year, Rat, but we have never ever welcome to the beautiful and powerful name, which is “Corona” virus.

It was not long ago, 2002, we were shocked about the corona virus that attack human upper respiratory, and this virus so easily roamed in the air to find the nice niche to grow, human respiratory tracts.

The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak began in South China's Guangdong Province in November 2002.

There was 8000 people got infection and at least 750 people death. This disease spread through respiratory droplets and also sweat, urine, and feces.

Coronavirus is enveloped virions with the longest positive RNA genome. The surface of the envelope are glycoproteins.

Those glycoproteins have club-shaped and cling around the surface so that it looks like a “corona” or halo under the electron microscope. The glycoprotein functions are to bind to the host and fusion activity.

The cartoon of coronavirus (Credit: Murray et al)

Normally, coronavirus infects the epithelial cells of respiratory tract of human. The reason is theses place is the optimum temperature for the coronavirus to grow, in the range 33 – 35 degree celsius.

Now, January 2020, and China got ready for the biggest festival to celebrate their New Year, Spring Festival.

In their faith, to welcome the new year, they decorate their house to against demons and evil, put calligraphy to welcome the fortune, and prepare the red envelopes to health of their children.

Those things seem do not help for this year. The new coronavirus from Wuhan have came over the China and now spread to other countries.

On January 27, the Day of Rat, which is the day that rats marry, the virus had killed at least 80 people in China and infected about 3000 people around the world and the most is in China.

The Rat looks mourn.


  1. With my lung issues, I always worry about something like coronavirus. I just hope it stays far away from Michigan.

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  2. hopefully we are protected from this dangerous virus...

  3. It's so scary...I hope that they find the solution soon.

  4. The virus is very dangerous :(

  5. It's really scary!

  6. Dear Evi! Every day I watch TV and I hear that more and more people die of corona virus in China. It spreads quickly all over the world. It's terrible!

  7. Es terrible esto del corona virus. Se esta propagando muy rápido. Saludos amiga.

  8. So scary ... I hope they find the solution...

  9. this is dreadful dear Evi

    i just read while ago about this virus on Jan's blog (Low Carb) and i agree that rough lifestyle and specially weird habits of eating can be behind such disaster
    i wish people of all world health though

  10. È terribile e si sta diffondendo rapidamente, speriamo che trovino una soluzione altrimenti...
    Buona giornata.

  11. Last year was "my year" in the Chinese zodiac ... but it was a real disaster!
    Let hopes that this year will be better!
    I wish you a pleasant year of rat!
    Hugs! 🤗

  12. The virus is already spreading and almost the whole world has no vaccine for it, but people suffer and die, it is unpleasant that it is happening that the harvest of death zber.

  13. La rata no se si llora o no llora pero parece que esté hecho con todas las intenciones para evitar la superpoblación, y me da mucha pena.

  14. un post muy bueno, y bueno, para pensar también

  15. I hope they solve this problem soon.

    Best regards

  16. Very interesting your information about this new virus, which seems to be very aggressive for the Chinese mainly this year of the Rat, according to their traditions.
    I hope science will soon find the remedy to fight it.
    Have a fantastic Wednesday!

  17. Già si stanno allestendo in Russia, e in America, le prime affannose ricerche, per elaborare un valido vaccino, che possa curare gli infetti devastanti dal virus ed eliminare nuove contaminazioni.
    Molto interessante, il tuo articolo, un caro saluto,silvia

  18. Great! Thanks for your detailed review! :)

  19. To straszne, mam nadzieję że do nas nie dotrze!
    Serdeczności Evi.

  20. Terrible way to start the new year.

  21. I associate this rat with one of my favorite series 😊

  22. It's horrifying! i'm scared an hope that i don't get sick

  23. Yes they certainly timed it well for the Lunar New Year. I am not sure how bad it is, but I really don't think the media are helping. Shame so many have died :-(

  24. ótimo post!

  25. Instructive entry, Evi, great contribution of information. You hope that the Chinese aurotities and the rest of the countries involved act responsibly in the "beginning" of a crisis that should not escalate for the good of all ...

    Huge Evi hugs, and increasingly huge to give us strength and encouragement.

  26. It's incredible how fast everything is happeing and, most of it, the bad news. I hope we can find a solution.

  27. Feliz año de la rata. Y si el coronavirus es preocupante te mando un beso

  28. Straszna choroba oby się zatrzymała. Niech szybko znajdą szczepionki.

  29. Hopefully it comes soon to a good end ...
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  30. Da mucho miedo, esperemos que pronto encuentren la cura. Besos.

  31. I think we need to take it easy and not create fear.Hope for a vaccine.Here in Norway we are well prepared for Corona

  32. It's so scarifying and sad. I hope that this epidemic will stop soon.

  33. It is scary and deadly. People are afraid and face masks all sold out.

  34. Ohh, it's so scary, I'm really worried about it. I hope we will find a solution soon.
    Love <3

  35. It's a pretty scary situation: this virus seems strong and is quickly spreading, plus all this can have bad consequences even on the Chinese economy!
    Definitely not a good start of the year.
    Hope that the infection stay limited there and scensist will found a cure asap

  36. Purtroppo l'anno del ratto non è iniziato sotto i migliori auspici.
    Speriamo che la comunità internazionale riesca e gestire al meglio questa situazione.

  37. We dont have any case yet in Portugal.


  38. It is spreading really fast,
    we already have one confirmed infected in the Philippines.
    We do live in uncertain times.


  39. Here in Brazil we have some suspicions, I wrote an alert post today also on the blog.


  40. In Austria we although have some case. I hope that this virus will be stopped.
    Have a nice weekend

  41. Wow ! this is alarming, great post 👏❤️

  42. It is so sad to think about the lives already lost to coronavirus. Let us pray that a cure will be found soon.

  43. Los mitos y las creencias están en todos los pueblos.

  44. I read about this disease a few days ago... so scary.

  45. Un poco de miedo si que da ! Con la rapidez que va si que es preocupante ! Que los chinos construían un hospital en menos de 10 días esto semnifica que va muy en serio! Esperemos que todo acabe muy pronto y no sea un problema escapado del laboratorio queriendo o no ?
    Feliz día! 🤗🤗🤗

  46. Purtroppo oggi due casi accertati anche qui in Italia.Speriamo che trovino presto un vaccino per distruggere il virus.
    Un sereno venerdi a te.

  47. this is so scary topic. I was reading about them couple of days ago and this situation is scary

  48. Triste comienzo de año Evi. Esperemos que pronto se encuentre la vacuna y se pueda parar la epidemia.
    Un abrazo.

  49. E' di oggi la notizia di due casi di corona virus anche in Italia. Io sono preoccupata. Speriamo che passi presto. Saluti.

  50. It looks really nice! ;)
    Have a nice day ;)

  51. This situation scares me, I hope it will be solved soon.
    Thanks for sharing and a nice weekend :)

  52. Espero que el pueblo chino, se libre de tan tremenda enfermedad.

    Las noticias continuamente nos informan de la situación.


  53. Los alimentos bien suministrado nos pueden hacer mas felices

  54. É sempre triste, quando não se aprende com as lições do passado!...
    Os erros repetem-se... com consequências iguais ou piores...
    E sem querer desmerecer o número de vitimas... mas tal... enriquecerá alguém...
    Pelo que depreendi... este vírus tem uma taxa de mortalidade bem menor do que o SARS, embora se espalhe a um ritmo muito mais acelerado... e tem uma publicidade, nos meios de comunicação, bem maior à escala global... remetendo para uma vacinação, à escala praticamente mundial... quando for encontrada...
    Às vezes penso... em como estes acontecimentos, vêm tão a calhar... e mesmo a gosto, de quem esteja a pensar desencadear guerras económicas com a China... são coisas que me passam pela cabeça... assim como me passam pela cabeça... que hoje em dia... muitos destes vírus, que surgem do nada... não virão de um qualquer laboratório algures... pois infelizmente, nos dias que correm... a ética e a moral, já conheceram dias melhores... quando às vezes, nem os lideres de muitos países serão o melhor exemplo disso mesmo...
    As práticas de higiene não mudaram... os exóticos hábitos alimentares, também não terão sofrido grandes alterações ao longo dos tempos, a Oriente, desde o SARS... e de repente surge do nada, uma epidemia com uma tendência para a propagação em alta escala, de características bem agressivas... Estranho!... Muito estranho! E muito pouco natural... na minha opinião... dado que já não estamos na Idade Média, onde as práticas médicas eram quase inexistentes...
    Gostei imenso deste post, que nos esclareceu mais um pouco, sobre as características deste repentino vírus...
    Beijinhos! Continuação de uma óptima semana!

  55. improved our body immunity by consuming more vit. c

  56. take care everyone. followed u here #198

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