Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Bear Hunt, A Zoo Day, and Sidewalk Messages

A cute blue bear said, “I am here, can you find me?”
(Credit: Bethany France)

Governor of Louisiana is extending the state’s stay-at-home order involving harsh restrictions.

Sam Karlin from The Advocate said, “The Governor has repeatedly hinted they could be in place well into May unless the state makes headway “flattening the curve,” or slowing the spread of coronavirus to avoid overwhelming health systems.”

The viruses are roaming in entire parishes in Louisiana.

Last week post, I mentioned that it was 1388 persons got infected Covid-19, and 46 person deaths. Today reported: 239 deaths.

This small State loss almost 200 person in a week due to Covid-19, and those get infected are escalating to 5237 persons, it is 4-fold increase in a week. 

Meme of bear hunt

The closures of K-12 schools is in the third week. Seems kiddos in our neighborhood being bored to stay at home all day long in every single day.

The Baton Rouge Family Fun initiates in doing “Bear Hunt” in the forest, and our neighborhood is participating in this great and challenge event.

Brown Bear is enjoying sunshine (Kelli Rayburn)

Our neighbors are called to put a teddy bear in front of window so families can go on a bear hunt. The kiddos and families will walk around the neighborhood and spots as many bears as possible.

Some of neighbors put their bears in front of their house and their lawns. Beside bear, other animals also like to participate. 

Having a tea party (Credit: Gail Nelson)

Since many animals in our neighborhood, we called it a “Zoo Day”.

The animals may include ducks, turtles, dogs, cats, swans or any other favorite animals. 

Lil Pooh with a friend (Credit: Catherine Coxe)

This event is still going, the kids have blast in hunting. Some neighbors got a message in their sidewalks, and said that their kids are so happy and excited about that message. 

Target animal under the tree. “Mr. Conrad T. Dog wanted to be a part of the bear hunt. He’s not exactly a bear but he hopes you’ll pay him a visit anyway” (Credit: Stevie Noyes).

Then, many neighbors put some chalks and gloves so the kids who walking and hunting also can leave their messages on their sidewalks. It is very entertaining.

What is fun event in your neighborhood during a “shelter in place” order?


  1. A zoo day sounds really fun :-) You live in a very creative and friendly neighbourhood, Evi.

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  2. Una bella idea, per smitizzare la violenza del virus...
    Un saluto,silvia

  3. You have wonderfully connected the topic with the teddy bear and the virus, the memories are now making themselves felt.

  4. Espero estés y sigas bien amiga, se por las noticias como esta Luisiana. Cuidate.

  5. It's a very nice activity. Got patience dear!!!Big hug from Spain

  6. Cute 😊 I wish You hapiness and healty 😊

  7. Hi, Evie!,
    This is a great initiative and I think it is so fun for children ^^.
    Take care.

    1. Hello, Evi! Bear Hunt is an interesting children's game.

  8. We have the same event going on in our neighborhood, Evi. It's so nice to see those little faces light up!
    I'm so sorry that your state has been hit so hard by the virus. We live in Oregon, sandwiched between Washington and California, but have not had to endure as much suffering as others. Praying that you stay safe:)

  9. We don't do much in our neighborhood.

  10. What a nice and fun initiative, I love stuffed animals and the bear is one of my favorites. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

  11. Per i bambini tutte queste limitazioni sono difficili da accettare. Qui in Italia la situazione è molto grave e ormai dobbiamo rimanere chiusi in casa e impedire ai bambini di uscire per giocare o stare con i loro amici.
    Speriamo che questa tragedia passi presto.
    Un abbraccio

  12. This is so beautiful and cute to see all of these bear toys around neighborhood.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2020/04/ghd-glide-smoothing-hot-brush_1.html

  13. Un día estupendo. Un beso y feliz tarde 🌈🌈🌈

  14. Unfortunately, the virus is taking a deadly toll ...
    I have no idea if I have such a place too

  15. Iam so sad what is happening in the usa right now.But i am glad you seem to keep on going and the photoes show beautiful funny things to activate children..I love the teddy bears :)

    I wish you all good and be strong girl :)


  16. Super pomysł! Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  17. Good idea! Stay safe and healthy :)

  18. What an adorable bear hunt!

  19. Good idea.
    It's so fun for children.
    Stay safe.


  20. The Bear Hunt is a sweet idea, so long as kids don't get too close to other kids. I'm glad they are extending your Stay at Home order. It's very important.

  21. I find your input and spirit of the Louisiana community absolutely great. The pandemic will pass and we human beings will improve our hearts and learn a great lesson in solidarity.

    Hugs more than huge, Evi. Stimulating entry.

  22. SO great idea


  23. Uy dulce idea, pero en mi país las medidas son más severas y no se puede salir de las casas salvo comprar vivieres o por medicinas

  24. Szkoda, że teraz nie ma jak wyjść :(

  25. i am sorry for the loss of lives in your state dear Evi

    same is happening here ,cases and death rate is increasing though govt is doing it's best to make people stay away from each other and avoid going out unless it is really necessary ,almost 2000 cases until now
    the bear hunt sounds wonderful to lessen the stress of times
    stay blessed my friend!

  26. Beautiful post
    Kisses, https://damselme.blogspot.com/

  27. En España, solamente está permitido, tan sólo salir a la calle para comprar víveres o artículos farmaceúticos. Este tipo de juegos lleva consigo, salir de la casa y estaría prohibido en mi país.


  28. We are in the same situation, we're locked down since 3 weeks (4 at northern cities) and we're juse seeing the first results on curves now.
    The bear hunt is a very nice idea! :D

  29. I Enjoyed This Post But That Last Photo So Cracked Me - Still Laughing Thank You Thank You Thank You - Þakka þér fyrir


  30. En España no está permitido salir, hay que quedarse en casa. Besitos.

  31. Here we have a bear hunt too for the children.

  32. I also have a beer in my window …
    Hope you are okay!

  33. Hola Evi. Muchas gracias por tu visita y comentario a mi blog. Por aquí estamos pasando unos días muy malos. Llevamos confinados en casa sin poder salir de ella desde el día 14 de marzo. Ni siquiera los más pequeños pueden salir a la calle.
    Lo que habéis hecho en vuestro barrio aquí es impensable. Las calles están desiertas y así seguiremos como mínimo hasta el 14 de abril pero creo que se alargará.
    La mejor protección que podéis tener es quedarse en casa. No os vais a arrepentir.
    Un abrazo y cuidaros.

  34. Me encantó el post, gracias por compartirlo. Besos.

  35. We have to do our best in helping in all we can, to flattened the curve. Here in Upstate NY, we are in week three of staying inside. All the neighborhoods are doing something similar as your bear hunt by the way, but everybody is putting rainbows in the windows or doors, as a sign of hope and also to do a rainbow hunt when we can walk outside with the kids (always keeping a safe distance with the neighboors!). Stay safe and take care!

  36. Esta crisis afecta a michos paises,tenemos que tener confianza que durara poco.

  37. Una idea muy bonita Evi! además los niños jugando aprenden que los animales son seres vivos y que hay que protegerlos,.. un muy lindo post!!

    Besotes y abrazos inmensos
    Y a levantar ése ánimo que Dios muy pronto nos sacará de ésta crisis!! 🙏💕

  38. Such a wonderful gesture to put the teddy bear in front of the own home! Please stay safe and healthy!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  39. Gran idea Evi 😊 Es bueno poder entretenerse y colaborar entre todos.
    Desde casa te mando este abrazo 🙅

  40. a little bear
    was eating a pear
    but sitting on the tree
    he wanted some brie.


  41. Yes many govs were quite late in their response. I really don't know what to say to that, or I do but I won't. This is a great idea! And love the chalk idea too.

    Allie of

  42. Thanks for the positive vibes and the idea!
    Stay healthy and happy :)

  43. Such a great idea, this is so cute!:)
    Stay healthy and safe!

  44. Avete avuto proprio una bella idea per far passare in modo alternativo il tempo ai bambini del quartiere.

  45. Nice idea to keep the kids entertained.

  46. Bonita iniciativa, los ositos siempre son encantadores! aunque aquí en España nadie (ni los niños) puede salir de casa; la cifra de contagios y fallecimientos es tremenda, por desgracia.
    Un saludo, cuidaros mucho!

  47. Nice photos :-D

    Things are getting bad :-( Stay safe.

  48. What a great, fun idea! People are getting really creative with the stay at home lifestyle.

  49. this looks very fun and those are beautiful photos
    style frontier

  50. Desconhecia, que iniciativa tão gira! :)

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