Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The First Person Positive Corona-virus in Louisiana Announced on Monday.

Corona virus (from thefunnybeaver,com)

When we took a break yesterday, we chilled out on the chair in front of TV. The Baton Rouge local channel, the WBRZ News announced that coronavirus is here. 

We saw Louisiana Department of Health official announced that on Monday, March 9, one of 45 people have tested for the new Coronavirus, one is presumptive positive. The patient has been treated at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in New Orleans.

Watching the news, my coworker said, “I don't understand about coronavirus, people said this virus is for animal, but why does this virus turn infect human right now? I don't get it.”

She continued, “We don't buy meat from China, because we have never known the meat. They eat cats, dogs, and bats. I still remember bird flu, also from China.”

She just right about it. We do not know much about this virus. We only follow all procedures what and how we response about Coronavirus through emails from CEO.

Then, we searched info about this virus from CDC. From the available info, we have resumed that this is novel (new) corona virus, so this virus has never exist before. 

Stay safe, is it the best way? (from thefunnybeaver,com)

The shape of virus is round with spike around the virus envelope so that this virus look like has a halo or corona. CDC states that this virus has been named “SARS-CoV-2” and the disease has been called “COVID-19.”

COVID-19 is abbreviation from “Coronavirus disease 2019”

CDC also mentions that there is no specific antiviral treatment for COVID-19. The infected person should be get supportive care to alleviate the symptoms.

We do not panic. Sure we concern about this virus, and the virus is around us right now. 

We do not want anybody join with over 116,000 people have been diagnosed and over 4,000 have died.


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  2. Hi, Evi! It's a terrible time. Corona virus attacks more and more countries. In China people eat snakes, bats, bugs. Why do other nations suffer?
    Evi, be strong, take care of yourself and your family.

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  4. please take care of yourself ya...

  5. My hands are so dry now because of constant washing :-( Well, better dry and safe than sorry...
    take good care of yourself!

  6. Evi, take care of yourself. Yes, this is a new virus and worst of all there is no cure for it yet. There are 22 infected people in Poland today and about 1,000 diagnosed :(. All mass events have been canceled, an emergency has been introduced. Schools, kindergartens, nurseries are closed. We sit at home and we pray that this hard time for humanity will end. Nowadays viruses are moving fast because people are traveling. Evi is a lot of health for you and your family. The most important thing is to remain calm and observe hygiene and safety rules.

  7. Its scary what happen in world. We need to care myself

  8. In my town we have five infected people in hospital :/

  9. Hello Evi
    Viruses were and will be happening thanks to Satan, he wants to kill people, mix the population so that they remain beautiful units that can be manipulated. The Lord Jesus is saddened as Evi people suffer time to take care of yourself, heal yourself and your relationships with yourself inside and to get closer to Lord Jesus. We have help to help and help others.

  10. Purtroppo questo virus si sta diffondendo rapidamente ovunque....
    Un saluto,silvia

  11. Ante estos casos, lo que hay es que mantener la calma, y confiar en la ciencia, que verás como pronto consiguen una vacuna apropiada para la cura.
    Esto que te voy a decir no es una acusación, sino tan solo una pregunta que yo me hago: Vih, gripe aviar, enfermedad del ébola, etc. etc. ¿No tendrán algo que ver las poderosas industrias farmacéuticas en esto? cosa que me da que pensar, por los grandes beneficios que les generan los antídotos, y porque se producen periódicamente, y cada cierto número de años, la historia se repite.
    Que tengas una buena semana, amiga Evi.

  12. well, unfortunately we have a very hard time - although for me there is more to panic
    of course it's better to take preventive measures

  13. We have our first confirmed cases here in Michigan yesterday. I'm in the high risk group so nervous but as prepared as I can be. Take care.

  14. Terrible. We have to prevent it. Always Wash hands with soap for a 20 second

  15. I hope that we will soon control this epidemic already transformed into a pandemic that threatens to be with us for a long time at the planet level. In my country, Argentina, we already have 17 cases of infected and one dead in addition to dozens of cases under observation. It is time to act responsibly. And it is everyone's responsibility.

    Important post, Evi. Huge hugs more and more.

  16. Thank goodness I am retired and don't have to go to work! I must avoid crowds. However, there are lots of concerts coming up and I want to attend them.

  17. I'm pretty sure that this virus has nothing to do with the kind of meat that is consumed in China. It is not present in the products that come from China, it is transferred through contact with infected people and by breathing in infected air. What is important is to avoid infected areas. People need to be disciplines and listen to information from the medical workers. There is a lot of misinformation in the media. Panic doesn't help anyone. We need ho all behave logically and responsibly. Unfortunately some people have been reckless and now the virus has spread.

  18. This virus is so scary. I'm praying for better times.

  19. So far we've got 97 confirmed corona cases.
    It's spreading rapidly. Let's hope the measures taking by the Health authorities will help prevent further transmission of the virus.
    According to some new research, the virus stays in the air for 3 hours and on surfaces for as long as a day. That's quite scary!

  20. Interesting and so important post


  21. this is so sad, so far we've got 49 confirmed corona cases. let's all pray and let God heal the world.

    INSTAGRAM: @julieann_lozada

  22. Cuídate mucho y cumple las normas higiénicas para no contagiarte. Entiendo tu nerviosismo en mi país ya hay 15 casos. Te mando un beso

  23. Aquí en Nuevo León hoy apareció el primer infectado. Ya llego el virus. Saludos amiga.

  24. Purtroppo è un brutto momento per tutto il nostro pianeta, spero che trovino un vaccino per distruggere questo maledetto virus.
    Buon a giornata.

  25. We really have to be very extra careful and clean.
    Have a nice day and stay safe ♥


  26. i wonder why viruses seems to spring out from animals only Chinese people eat ?
    does any other animals eaten by people around the globe don't have such viruses at all ?
    the latest report you shared here made me sad dear Evi
    i can only hope and pray that scientists can invent some cure to this

  27. Por España con mucho miedo. Tienen que tomar medidas más severas. Besitos.

  28. This virus is scary.
    I pray that scientists can help.

    All the best Jan

  29. Same here... I heard Vegas had it's first person positive corona yesterday.

  30. Memang bikin was-was, tapi tak boleh panik dan merasa terintiimidasi.

  31. It is really great you do not panic!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  32. In here it is getting scary, first person dued yesterday, I sm praying for this to be over!

  33. I live in Italy, here the situation is serious, borders are closed, people can't get out unless when going to work, shop for food, go to hospital and that after having filed a declaration. Stay safe but above all I hope you won't make same mistakes were made here, respect all the hygene reglementations and when in when you are in quarantine you don't leave the house in order to stop speading the virus.

  34. People need to educate themselves. It blows my mind sometimes the reactions of people blaming Chinese people in total, and in the UK blaming Italian people. And get this: some millennials saying old people deserve to get the virus and die because they caused global warming. Yup, this was reported in The Atlantic.

    Then there are the conspiracy theories all sorts on both sides of the aisle. But the facts are that yes this virus and SARS started in China...in wet markets. Wet markets traffic in exotic animals and endangered species. The government cracked down on them and closed them during SARS but once that passed they let them open again. There are legal wet markets and illegal wet markets. The illegal markets are run by the mafia. However THE MAJORITY of the Chinese people do not eat this kind meat. One reason is that they can not afford it. That should give you clue who does...the Chinese %1--the wealthy, and not even all of them. So SARS was a dress rehearsal, a warning that was ignored. No conspiracy, just old fashioned greed. The government there did not crack down so they could cater to a portion of Chinas wealthy class. You can learn more about this at 60 Minutes Australia and VICE, YT channels.

    Now it is has the potential to kill thousands if not millions and have a major impact to the world economy and do more damage then the virus itself. And once again it all comes down to greed.

    Allie of

  35. Thank you for sharing!!
    Have a great week! 😍😍😍

  36. In Spain we have more than 4000 infected people and this number is growing rapidly. It's really terrible.

    Best regards

  37. Coronavirus is already in my city :(


  38. Holiii !!
    Here in Spain they are going to decree the state of emergency. They tell us not to go out, but people do not care, and they think we are on vacation.
    Thanks for sharing!

  39. It is everywhere :-(

    Scotland had its first death the other day and no doubt more to follow.

  40. The virus is spreading rapidly. The fear is going to get worse as more and more people are tested. Since many people show little to no symptoms, the number of those infected is likely much greater.

  41. I hope the virus will end soon.

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