Friday, March 13, 2020

Why are We Getting Obesity Now than Old Days?

Graph -1 - Obesity among younger increase over time

The facts that American kids, teenagers and adults are getting obese and obesity generally. These data are recorded for more than 50 years.

Data for kids and teenagers were taken several times from period of 1963 to 2014 (please see Graph -1).

In case of adults, both women and men tend to obese. But, women more obese than men since 1960. The data continue to periods of 2013 to 2014 as shown on Graph -2 at below.

Surprisingly that the following facts are not changes or almost the same for 50 years:
- Eating the same amount of food
- Consume the same quantities of calories, fat and protein
- Doing the same amount of physical exercises.

The question then why are We getting obese now Days?

Graph -2 – Increasing of obesity between men and women

Some experts suggested the following possible reasons (needed to be studied furthermore:

- Life style such as infant with less or without breast-fed are obese more than infants with breast-fed more than 3 months

- Increasing of drug using especially prescription drugs which in fact relate to obesity.

- Changing of our microorganisms in our intestines. It is believed the current type of gut microorganisms are relate to weight gain.

- We probably expose to more chemical environments such as food processing and pesticides. These lead to hormonal work to cause obesity.

Should we back to old days? What do you think?


  1. Uo creo que si, y hacer más ejercicio y comer sano. Te mando un beso

  2. Interesting informations! I like the post.

    Kisses ;*

  3. Too much processed food and sugar are definitely something we modern people don't need.
    Have a lovely weekend, Evi!

  4. Evi, ciekawy post! Skłaniam się do punktu pierwszego: styl życia. Ale rozumiany szeroko.Uściski!

  5. Hi, Evi! In Russia we have the same problem.

  6. Evi, que interesante, hay que cuidarnos mas. Saludos amiga.

  7. Eat healthy Food!No sugar!Just al little meatMuch Fish
    Wish you a happy weekend!Evi

  8. A problem that afflicts all opulent nations, they are hardly obese among African populations in Africa, if not among the wealthy.
    There are many reasons, in addition to sedentary life, a bad diet, but also a lack of true affection that leads to throwing oneself on food as a reward.
    Hi Evi, thanks for this interesting post.

  9. Thanks for your informative article 😊

  10. For sure it has to do a lot about our lifestyle.

  11. Better lifestyle but not so healthy.

  12. Sometimes dinner out is difficult to control and causes fat

  13. In passato esistevano meno pericoli oggettivi, che nel periodo odierno...
    Un saluto,silvia

  14. Yes! Change of lifestyle!
    Greeting from Poland

  15. Secondo me mangiamo troppo, e sai quando mangiamo troppo?
    Quando ci annoiamo.
    Non siamo più abituati ad essere annoiati.
    Abbiamo delle vite organizzate al secondo e non sapere cosa fare anche per un lasso di tempo minimo ci mette in crisi e quindi: mangiamo.

  16. Scary! Lots of processed foods, so much choice in foods too. Less excercise and TV/Computer games.

  17. Good read! My family we try to eat healthy but sometimes its not working out :(

  18. I think that your articles are true contributions of information that also urge you to think about many things that we usually let go without even noticing them for a moment. Regarding the causes of obesity that you point out, I think the answer may come from the fact that we have become people and societies with no respect for the environment, hacked by chemicals, pesticides and modern stress. If the world is another as it obviously is today, we should change our habits and behave in a more human and healthy way.

    Bigger and bigger hugs, Evi...

  19. has changed terribly to our disadvantage

  20. We have to change our lifestyle!
    Interesting topic!
    Kisses, Paola.


  21. Un tema muy interesante. Un beso.

  22. We have to eat healthy food.
    Good post.

  23. I'm trying to get a healthier habit, I took the sodas

  24. gaya hidup, makanan dan olahraga yah mba

  25. I find the subject exciting.
    Answering your question, I am in favor of the old days where there were not so many processed foods.
    Have a happy weekend!

  26. Interesting informations.
    We have to eat healthy foods.

  27. Very interesting post
    Thanks for the information
    Xoxo ♡

  28. Interesting facts, Evi. Thanks for the info.

  29. hay que cuidarse para estar sanos, buen post

  30. We should definitely go back to the old days when we were not modifying foods and using tons of pesticides. Medications are prescribed too readily leaving many feeling as though they need to be taking certain medicines when there are natural ways to get the same result.

  31. Very interesting post. I try to be fit

  32. Olá Evi
    dados muito interessantes. Precisamos fazer algumas mudanças em nosso estilo de vida
    Beijinhos e um feliz domingo

  33. Como siempre tus escritos son fuentes de saber y cultura.

  34. Eat real, whole, fresh food and not processed foods!

    All the best Jan

  35. Sounds interesting! I've never really thought of it!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We had a quiet one at home.

    Away From Blue

  36. Muy interesante tu información y agregar con todo respeto algo que los nutricionistas dicen; somos lo que comemos!!

    Besotes y abrazos inmensos!!

  37. А мне кажется, нужно есть не только качественные продукты, но и соблюдать режим питания - есть меньше, и не наедаться на ночь.
    Здоровья всем!

  38. My BMI is still OK, but I feel the "fat" is lurking! LOL

  39. Excellent post.
    I think that the food we eat and the more sedentary life we live today contributes a lot to the increase in obesity.
    Have a nice week and stay safe and healthy

    1. I Agree - Great Point Maria - So Much To See Outdoors - Stay Strong Folks


  40. Definitely we should back to old days. I've lost 20kg in the last 18 months, now my BMI is perfect and I feel perfect. :-)

    Best regards

  41. Hello
    My diet is Mediterranean and it is known to be very healthy, no processed food !!

  42. Muy interesante tu entrada, pienso que ahora los alimentos que tomamos no son como los de antes.


  43. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing

  44. we are eating the same amount of food but not exercising or do hard work as our older generations used to do it.

  45. Very interesting post.

  46. for me consuming too much artificial food nowadays has contributed the increasing number of obesity

  47. thank you
    the facts you mentioned here sound real dear Evi

    we should think about it and do what we can seriously

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