Friday, April 24, 2020

What is the Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer for Killing Virus?

One of high-tech disinfecting machines (credit to EvaClean)

Many companies have developed new technologies to spray disinfectant easily, one of them called as “Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer.”

This is a machine with an electric charge which is able to spray to most kind of surfaces, then “coat and wrap” them evenly.

We may fill the Electrostatic Sprayer tank with specific substances (chemical liquid) such as:
- mold preventives
- disinfectants
- sanitizers

Some companies (brand names) produce Cordless disinfecting machines are:
- Protexus
- Victory Innovations
- Emist
- Brulin

Hotels have promised to sanitize their rooms and areas to make sure free from SARS-CoV-2. These hotels include:
- Westin
- Renaissance
- Sheraton
- the Ritz-Carlton

They use this machine with standard disinfectants ruled by “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC) and “the World Health Organization.” (WHO).

If you are planning to travel in the near future, hope, you will feel safe to stay in hotels.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Vitamin C to Boost Immune Response and Reduce Oxidative Stress – Alzheimer's 25

One orange to fulfill daily value of vitamin C

C for citrus! Every time I look at any kind of citruses, I always associate them to vitamin C.

It is not a new thing when we talk about Vitamin C. but the healthcare providers have never forgotten to remind us about this vitamin.

Vitamin C is and an important role in immune function and an important physiological antioxidant.

When the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic hit Louisiana, Vitamin C became topic among us due to no medication for this disease but the supportive.

We also got a reminder to consume vitamin C:
-Take good vitamin C, not from grocery stores or pharmacies.
-Good vitamin C is from fresh market and produces
-Don't take hot water/foods for 30 minutes after you consume vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C

As we know, the Noble Prize winner, Linus Pauling, said that vitamin C can protect our body from infection and maintain our general good health.

The best sources of vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Based on RDA (Recommendation Dietary Allowance), the amount of vitamin C we need is 90 mg for adult man and 75 mg for adult woman.

One medium size orange, or one cup fresh strawberries, or one cup cooked broccoli, or ¾ cup of orange juice, or ¾ cup of grapefruit juice, more than enough for our daily value of vitamin C.

We also can get vitamin C from foods and beverages that are fortified with vitamin C, check it on the product labels.

So, actually we can get enough vitamin C from our diets, by eating variety of foods.

The good news about vitamin C, scientists shown the fact that people who have high intake vitamin C have lower risk of chronic diseases, sech as heart disease, cancer, eye disease, and neuro-degenerative.

The studies also confirm that oxidative stress is “a factor early on the development of the Alzheimer's Disease.” So, there is a suggestion that when we consume vitamin C. it will be lowering the oxidative stress that reduce the risk of Alzheimer's Disease.

Conclusively, we need vitamin C to protect our body, boost our immune response, and reduce oxidative stress. We can enough vitamin C from our variety diets. The best sources of vitamin C is from fruits and vegetables.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Do You Know the words of Crwth and Cwtch?

Crwth, an ancient Celtic instrument

May we find words without vowel in English? Yes, we could use Merriam-Webster, Urban Dictionary, Thesaurus and Collin English Dictionary to search its.

It is believed that at least two words with 5 letters have no vowels:
- Crwth
- Cwtch

Crwth is spelled “crouth,” in which “w” is changed or pronounced to vowels of “ou.” It was stringed music instrument resembles to “violin.”

The instrument was invented about 11th century, then modified in 13th century. It was played through 1800’s. However, in modern time, some parts of England still use “crwth” word to refer to “violin.”

Then, the word “cwtch” is pronounced “kutch.” In this case, “c” read as “k” and “w” as “u.” The word associates with some meaning:

- cuddle
- huge
- a shed
- cubbyhole
- cupboard
- tiny space for safety

Do you know some other words without vowels? Or, do you have words without vowels in your own languages?

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An Another Month of Louisiana's Stay-at-home Order

Louisiana's stay-at-home order, let's get hook

We are in the middle of April, in the another month of the shelter in place. Staying at home and being creative due to the condition and restrictions.

We have to take this restrictions seriously.

Last Sunday, we celebrated Sunday Easter meanwhile storms ripped northeast of Louisiana, so that seemed too many people moving around.

Yesterday, Monday, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edward reminded us, “All it takes to have a spike in cases and go back in the other direction is for too many people to violate the order, too much social contact to spread this disease.”

He mentioned that it is too early to know whether Louisiana's stay-at-home order will expire on April 30th.

Due date, the people get infection of Covid-19 in Louisiana are 21.518 and 1.013 deaths.

I got this face mask pattern from yarnspirations

The governor has repeatedly indicated the restrictions could last longer. The public schools remain closed for the rest of academic year.

We still do not know when this difficult condition will be over. It will be a transition period in the next phase until the vaccine is available in about a year away. 

My face mask is growing

Many things have to be done during the stay-at-home.

Many great and wonderful ideas, suggestions, tips, and advises from blogger friends to enjoy stay-at-home and I love to give them a try

Done! Needed ties and edging

I did spend more time in skin care. I am happy, my skin looks better and softer thab before stay-at-home.

Now, I get hook with crochet. I am showing you what I have done with a hook and my left over yarn. 

Ready for linings, then, ready to go!

I crochet a face mask. I will wear this face mask when I go to the grocery stores.

What are you doing during stay home due to Covid-19? Do you create or DIY your own face mask?

Friday, April 10, 2020

St. Francisville is a Small Beautiful Town in Louisiana

The gift shop in the town

Publications by organizations such as “tripsavvy,” “House Beautiful” and “Culture Trip” considered St. Francisville as a Small Beautiful and must be visited Town in Louisiana.

The town location is 40 miles (64 km) from my home, about 40 minute drive by car. The distance is not far for me.

What are objects interesting to see? Some of them are:
- plantation houses
- historical churches
- museum
- library
- botanical garden
- wildlife refuge
- trails
- market hall

One of old buildings

We said small town, because St. Francisville population is no more than 1,700 residents. We may have a look at Downtown by walking or biking only.

Botanical garden, namely Imahara is one of favorites tourist objects. There are several ponds, rare plants and miniature of Japanese mount Fuji.

The rare plants include varieties of:
- holly proprietaries
- palms
- magnolias
- oak
- azaleas
- camellias
- crape myrtles
- and many fruit trees

Is your place considered as a small town? How many residents?

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

When Our Tangerine Flowers Turn into Fruits

Tangerines' flowers are in bloom.

Our backyard fruit flowers, Tangerine bloomed about early March in this year. Then, the sweet aroma of Tangerines' blooms had gone, the flowers turned into tiny fruits.

In case you have no idea about this fruit, it is said that Tangerine is a citrus fruit from cross hybrids of a Mandarin and an orange varieties.

There are 3 main varieties of Tangerine that available in the markets. They are:
- Clementines
- Temples
- Tangelos

Our variety look like clementines. The tastes of these varieties are different, but all of them are so sweet and delicious. They are also rich of Vitamin C.

Flowers turn into fruits

Last week, the petals of flowers were cracking in the same time. The white petal with yellow stamens were very attractive.

The flowers' scent and performance attracted the small bees and little bugs.

The flowers are wilting, the fruits are coming up

I could hear the bees were buzzing happily. They were very busy for sucking nectar from one flower to another and others.

I enjoyed observing them from far, from my windows. The flowers were exciting to welcome the bees and the tiny bugs.

These small creatures flew around the tree from in the early morning to the evening. They were hard working creatures to pollinate, to transfer pollen from male to female part of those flowers, so the flowers became fruits. 

The fruits are getting bigger.

These tiny fruits need a long time to perfectly ripe. They will be in their prime in between October to November.

Ripe tangerines are quite soft to touch and more juices compare to oranges. Their size are smaller than orange, but sweeter and less sour than orange.

Do you have fruit trees in your backyard? What kind of fruit trees?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Have a Look at Louisiana Hemerocallis Society Garden

Corner of Hemerocallis Society Garden, roses are blooming on its side.

City garden is one of gardens as our route in our routine walking and jogging. We always pass through its corner called “American Heremocallis Society.” Now, we stay at home. The photos are from a month ago.

Heremocallis is a genus for day lilies. The genus has 16 species, originally from China, Korea and Japan, and then spread to all over the world now days.

Some species are:
- Hemerocallis coreana. Originally from Japan, Korea and China.
- Hemerocallis darrowiana. Originally from Sakhalin Island in Russia
- Hemerocallis sempervirens Araki,
- Hemerocallis sendaica Ohwi
- Hemerocallis aurantiaca

H. sempervirens Araki, H. sendaica Ohwi and H. aurantiaca are originally from China, Japan and Korea, but naturalized in North America, Europe Indian subcontinent, New Zealand and other places.

One of new variant of daylilies  in the garden

Currently, there are thousand names of day lilies in the worlds. The names are based on features different such as:
- flower colors
- flower shapes
- blooming seasons

Display of Hemerocallis society

Hemerocallis is Greek word for “beauty for a day,” as scientific name for a genus of day lilies. 

One of my fav flowers in the garden, a rose. There were no lilies bloom yet.

I love Hemerocallis aurantiaca, because of its colors, especially yellow, pink, red, and orange.

Do you like day lilies? What species or colors do you like the most?

Why do Birds Sing in my Backyard in the Morning?

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