Tuesday, April 14, 2020

An Another Month of Louisiana's Stay-at-home Order

Louisiana's stay-at-home order, let's get hook

We are in the middle of April, in the another month of the shelter in place. Staying at home and being creative due to the condition and restrictions.

We have to take this restrictions seriously.

Last Sunday, we celebrated Sunday Easter meanwhile storms ripped northeast of Louisiana, so that seemed too many people moving around.

Yesterday, Monday, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edward reminded us, “All it takes to have a spike in cases and go back in the other direction is for too many people to violate the order, too much social contact to spread this disease.”

He mentioned that it is too early to know whether Louisiana's stay-at-home order will expire on April 30th.

Due date, the people get infection of Covid-19 in Louisiana are 21.518 and 1.013 deaths.

I got this face mask pattern from yarnspirations

The governor has repeatedly indicated the restrictions could last longer. The public schools remain closed for the rest of academic year.

We still do not know when this difficult condition will be over. It will be a transition period in the next phase until the vaccine is available in about a year away. 

My face mask is growing

Many things have to be done during the stay-at-home.

Many great and wonderful ideas, suggestions, tips, and advises from blogger friends to enjoy stay-at-home and I love to give them a try

Done! Needed ties and edging

I did spend more time in skin care. I am happy, my skin looks better and softer thab before stay-at-home.

Now, I get hook with crochet. I am showing you what I have done with a hook and my left over yarn. 

Ready for linings, then, ready to go!

I crochet a face mask. I will wear this face mask when I go to the grocery stores.

What are you doing during stay home due to Covid-19? Do you create or DIY your own face mask?


  1. Gosh...that mask is perfect! You are so talented! And no, I don't have any face mask :-((

  2. Hi, Evi! I like your protective mask! It's so NICE! I like the color too. Stay home and be happy!

  3. Un periodo casalingo per quasi tutto il mondo, in cui ci si organizza, al meglio, per passare il tempo.
    Bella la tua mascherina.
    Cari saluti,silvia

  4. As I can see, each of us develops our creative artistic skills congratulates you, best regards.

  5. Hey!What a lovely mask!Wow!you are doing good girl :))))

    Here we are reopening now first the kindergardens then the Schools..We have a little loss 139 Deaths so the goverment wants to opnen you know Money!We the People dont want do open but what can we do?Here we use to napkinds tie togeheter With Clips and then a gummistrikk?to hold it between the ears..thats the Worst kind when People can not afford bying masks.I work at the hospital and got a lot of mask and Anti Back.No worry over here
    Good to see more from you !Weell done :)))

  6. Non so quanto possa essere utile per fermare il covit 19, ma quella mascherina è molto carina.:-)
    Purtroppo anche in USA la malattia sta facendo molte vittime, speriamo finisca presto.
    Abbi cura di te.
    Un abbraccio

  7. Wow, that's a very good mask, Evi. You are very talented!!

  8. Nice idea … but I just don't know if helpt ?!

    Stay safe, stay healthy!

  9. Good idea 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  10. Bom dia:- Mãos habilidosas e perfumadas
    Cumprimentos solidários

  11. when it comes to the mask, I've already bought it 🙂
    and quarantine, I pass by counting the days to the end, watching movies / series and blogging

  12. Good idea. We bought our masks.

  13. This look amazing and you are so talented. Enjoy in your work.

    New Post - https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2020/04/clarins-hydra-essentiel-face-silky_15.html

  14. I hope you will put a fabric lining inside.

  15. I thought about this the other day! :D What a coincidence. I will give it a try ,hopefully. :))

  16. I'm glad you are staying at home. Our order expires April 30 but I hope it is extended. We don't think we have begun to hit peak here in Michigan. Your yarn is so pretty and well doneon the mask! Yes, stay home and stay well. Your governor is right.

  17. It looks really great! I like it. :-)

    Best regards

  18. A beautiful mask, EVi!I like such simple, eye-catching designs.Knitting yarns are also beautiful.Be safe!

  19. Good afternoon, how are you? I started to follow you on your blog. https://viagenspelobrasilerio.blogspot.com/?m=1

    If you follow me, send the link to my blog.

  20. I'm sorry to hear that the covid is sowing death in you too, this virus will bring the whole world to its knees.
    Your mask is very well made and very pretty. I also made double fabric for all family members and continue to do it because we will have to use it to the bitter end. Hi Evi, take care of yourself. Good evening.

  21. Oh, this is the first time I see a knitted version!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  22. Great (and cute) idea!
    Stay safe dear!

  23. I like it and love the colour :-D

  24. These are times to stimulate creativity, as you say, En. Your crochet is wonderful, says my grandmother, to whom I just showed your work. I don't understand anything about crochet but with my eyes I can see that what my grandmother says is true. And what my grandmother says is always true.

    Hugs and more huge hugs getting bigger and bigger.

  25. My daughter gave us some disposable face masks and her friend gave us a fabric mask. It's just me and David here at home. I blog and do facebook, while he watches TV and does yard work.

  26. Esta paemia esta casado muchos prpblemas.

  27. Esta paemia esta causando muchos problemas en todo el mundo.

  28. Amei!


  29. It looks great! I really want to try and make one :)

    Perla Lifestyle Blog

  30. Uy hermosa mascarilla, yo escribo y cocino en especial pasteles en estos días Te mando un beso

  31. Acá vamos igual en el segundo mes de cuarentena y parece que seguiremos con Mayo....ni modo, esto cada dia esta peor. Me encanto tu mascarilla. Saludos amiga.


  32. Very creative, but we shouldn't risk using them without really knowing if they 'filter' or not.



  33. oh this crochet mask is absolutely pretty dear Evi :)

    this is nice you are trying to invest your energy in constructive hobbies
    yes same is here school opening is remains uncertain here either
    i am sorry your state got much people infected my friend !
    here is also number is growing few days back was below 3000 and now heard while ago it has grown to 6000 strict orders to stay at home

  34. Crocheting a mask is a great idea. This lockdown is tough but the lucky ones are those who can stay home.

  35. Te ha quedado muy chula tu mascarilla, puede que me haga alguna ya que tengo genero suficiente en blanco, azul, beige y rojo, así que, puedo alternar lo poco que salgo.


  36. It is so sad how many lives are lost. You have made a beautiful mask.

  37. I hope this situation ends soon.

  38. SO cute mask


  39. Cute mask - what a good use of skills while you are at home! We are all sticking to the rules here and the government says they might be in place for 6 months, so we have to get used to that now!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  40. Me gusta la mascarilla. Besitos y salud.

  41. Oh wow, you did good. Love the color. And you're so creative! I'm nothing near that. Keep up the great work, girl! :)

  42. Veo que se te da bien las labores de ganchillo. También he hecho alguno pañitos de ganchillo, quetengo repartidos por diferentes partes de mi casa...ahora llevo un tiempo , que no hago nada de esto.


  43. Wonderful idea and post <3

  44. So nice and creative idea! And you were so good on make it, looks really flawless, you could start an e-commerce!^^
    This is the right way to deal with this surreal situation: being creative and treat yourself!

    1. Wow! I have never thought about it! Thank you Silvia, that is a great idea :)

  45. WOW! nice crochet face mask :D

  46. Ciekawy pomysł na maskę ale czy nie jest w niej zbyt gorąco?
    My szyjemy swoje maseczki z cienkiego płótna. Martwię się, że pandemia szybko nie minie. Nie nudzę się bo mam duży ogród i pracownię plastyczną ale bardzo tęsknię za dziećmi i wnusią.
    Uściski Evi.

  47. Great Evi a crochet face mask, I'm doing stitch cross to be occupied!!


  48. Your crocheted face mask looks beautiful.
    I sew masks for myself and family from cotton fabric.

  49. during quarantine I am catching up in the garden :) A beautiful mask :) Be safe!

  50. So cute! I still have to go to work but I'm glad you have the chance to stay safe in your home. Everything is going to be okay!

  51. Love your wonderfully creative mask, Evi! Here in Oregon, we've had 70 deaths as of today. Most areas in our state are not very population dense, so we are more fortunate than many other parts of the country and the world. My life has not changed too much during the quarantine because I am a homebody:)

  52. Cute mask Evi! Be well and stay safe!

  53. Boa tarde de sábado, querida amiga!
    Adoro tecer... Tanto tricô como crochê.
    A cor está ótima!
    Muito obrigada por ter prestigiado o Café com Poesia da amiga Gracita na minha participação.
    Tenha dias abençoados no final de semana!.
    Bjm carinhoso e fraterno

  54. Looks great!! I have several friends who crochet. My Mom was crafty and could do all that stuff. I never learned though.

  55. Hehe you made your own mask: D Looks cool💙💙 Regards


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