Friday, June 5, 2020

Blooming the Bluish-purple Flowers in the Public Park

The bluish-purple flowers.

Today, June 5th, Louisiana has moved to Phase 2 of the White House’s reopening strategy.

On June 1st, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced, “The people of Louisiana have done an incredible job flattening the curve here, and I’m thankful for their compliance and hard work.

Likewise, the state has matched their efforts by ramping up both testing and contact tracing. All of this has allowed us to get to a place where we can move into Phase 2 on Friday.”

In Phase 2, places of worship and businesses will be able to operate at 50 percent capacity with social distancing, face masks for public-facing employees, and also increased sanitation. Phase 2 will last at least 21 days.

The weather in morning of the first day of Phase 2 was nice, the sunrise was 6.00 am, and temperature was 80 F.

 Several flowers are blooming

We walked down to Independent Park to enjoy the summer blooms. Here, I spotted the blooms in the back of the garden center building, the bluish-purple flowers.

These flowers seem showy flowers. The flower are large, shaggy with deeply serrated edges in their petals, with the white stamens in the center.

Those flowers are held by strong stems. Their an attractive color and nectar attract the butterflies, bumblebees, and other pollinators.

 Start to bloom

These flowers bloom on June. Based on the clusters of flower buds, seem they will continue bloom for next a couple month. Looking at the flower buds, they are so appealing; they are surrounded by leafy, curved toothed bracts. 

Flowers look like wild

These captivating flowers are giving a cheerfulness in the Phase 2 of reopening path, then we will move to the next phase.

Have you seen this plant and its flowers? It is a perennial plant, native to southeastern US. It is called Stokes' Aster because it is in a family of Asteraceae, and genus Stokesia. Its species is laevis, Stokesia laevis. 

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