Friday, July 3, 2020

Face Covering Mandatory and Hibiscus-like

White flowers in city garden

Welcome July!
And Happy Fourth of July!

In the first of July, Sharon Breton Broome, East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President, announced an executive order to mandate face covering.

This mandate will be effective for a month, July 3 to August 3. Violations will be misdemeanor summons and a fine that determined by a judge. The mandate is not for individuals, but for business.

Since the soaring new cases in East Baton Rouge, her concern is to safe reopening of the parish economy and protect the health of residents and visitors. She said, “Save a life, save our economy, and wear a face covering”.

When I get out from home, I have never forgotten to put my mask on. It is my new a “must”. I also wear my mask when I walk in the park because sometimes persons pass me by.

Is it a variety of Hibiscus?

In the park, I found trees with a bunch of flower buds. Some of them are opening. I have no idea about the name of this flower, Based on petals and stamen, it seems a kind of hibiscus. Have you seen this kind of tree and its flowers?

We will celebrate Independence Day, July 4th, keep in mind to wear face covering in the common area.

We can take face coverings off while eating and drinking in restaurants, food courts, bars, or coffee shops. We need to put them on when entering, exiting, and while in the common area in all establishments.

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