Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hurricane Laura and Mementoes from Anies the Great


The Baton Rouge sky after Hurricane Laura

The dark sky in Baton Rouge has disappeared but there is still showering intermittently. Hurricane Laura just landed in Louisiana this morning. She made landfall in inhabitant of Cameron Parish.

Hurricane Laura brought tornado. The weather channel reports that Hurricane Laura hit Louisiana with Category 4 hurricane, 150 mile per hour winds, and over 9 feet storm surge. She moved and then remained severe damages in southwestern Louisiana, Lake Charles.

The areas with storm surge accentuated by waves. Flooding rain in some areas of Louisiana and hundreds of thousands of residents lost power. Interstate 10 eastbound is closed in Texas - Louisiana states line and Interstate 10 westbound is closed of west Atchafalaya Basin.

A cute handmade craft

Based on alerts weather gov., Storm Laura is currently located in Louisiana and Arkansas border, she is moving at 15 miles in an hour, and is expected that she will move across Mississippi River Valley on Friday (tomorrow).

Mementoes from Anies the Great

I would like to say thank you to Anies the Great for sending me the cute mementoes. They are such souvenirs from many places and events in her trips from several countries. Anies loves to share the stories about her journeys around the world and share those souvenirs as well.

The pink heart looks so sweet, I “heart” this handmade craft. The cherry blossoms printing scarf is so beautiful and I will need it for this fall. There are also a nice card and a picture fridge magnet. 

Friday, August 14, 2020

What the most You Love to Do this Fall?

 A happy face of a boy scarecrow

We are in the late of of the second week of August, and we keep our prays to reduce the pain caused by the pandemic.

Here, in Louisiana, we are in extended phase 2 and mask mandatory, at least till the end of August.

Sitting in my lovely couch enjoyed Stephen Colbert in the Late Show, I was aware when he said that he did the show from his house for over than 5 months: March, April, May, June, July, and August.

It is hard to believe how long we have to stay at home due to pandemic. It has been very long since the governor declared the state emergency in the second week of March. We spent a nice Spring at home, then we having fun the bright days with the full sun of Summer around our home, and now, it is about Fall and we still prefer to stay at home.

How about you? Have you a great plan for the Fall?

I picked a pair of them from the store.

I am trying to make over my living room with a simple fall decoration. There are many fall decoration ideas up in the sites and the stores are also ready for many kinds of decorations and the material to do “DIY” for the fall in their shelves.

A cute little squirrel.

I have never missed the scarecrows, and now I got one pair from the store. Sometime I made a fall wreath, but now I will re-make my old wreaths.

Do you like to do “DIY” for your fall decorations and fall wreaths? What the most you love to do?

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