Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Glorious Morning Glories along the Fences

Fig- 01. Flowers are climbing the fence.

Hot and sweaty days are turning into slightly cool. The day is getting shorter, and leaves are changing their colors.

The grasses and some weeds are starting to cease to grow, including this bindweed, the kind of the Morning Glory, family Convolvulaceae.

This type of Morning Glory is growing wildly and quickly around my neighborhood, it may climb:

- the trees

- side walls

- trellis,

- pergolas

- fences

- and also on the grounds.

Fig- 02.The pollinator and the flowers

Our fence is also becoming its spot. The vines wrap along the chain-link fence. These twisting vines can reach 10 to 15 feet (3.1 to 4.6 meters) in height. 

Fig-03. The vines wrap along the fence

The trumpet-shaped purple flowers open up beautifully in every morning. The pollinators are attracted by the color and scent of the flowers.

Fig- 04. Since the weather get cooler, the vines look dry.

These glorious vines contribute to clean the air around neighborhood by absorbing the dust and carbon monoxide, and the flowers offer their nectar to pollinators.

This wild Morning Glory is taking a part in sustainable our environment.

Do you have this kind of flower around your neighborhood or in your yard?

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