Tuesday, December 29, 2020

New Year with New Hope for Peace, Healthiness and Happiness

Fig 01- Beautiful fireworks

I just read two gloomy news about pandemic with titles:

- “One COVID patient is dying every 10 minutes in L.A. County.”

- “Covid-19 pandemic will not be the last: WHO chief.”

Covid 19 cases increased dramatically in Los Angeles, California since thanksgiving days.

Million of Americans getting sick day by day, caused hospital, doctors and the nurse to capacity and limit concern across the states.

Infected person not only to certain demography, but also to wide range of ages, who are in:

- 20s

- 30s

- 40s

The second sad news that pandemic will not end unless the world population changes their behaviors and habits.

Fig 02- Christmas lights in the city

The AFP news agency reported that “The novel coronavirus has killed at least 1.75 million people and nearly 80 million cases have been recorded since the outbreak emerged in China last December.”

Fig 03- Christmas ornaments

Actually, we faced from one pandemic to other pandemics during several decades.

In this year, 2020 alone, diseases outbreak in several part of the world:

- SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus), all over the world

- Mayaro virus disease and Oropouche virus disease - French Guiana, France

- nfluenza A (H1N2) variant virus – Brazil

- Pneumonia of unknown cause – China

- Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of the Congo

- Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As suggested by WHO chief, we need to improve relationship between human, animals and environment (climate changes) to address pandemic and diseases outbreak in the coming future.

Finally, “Wishing you and yours health and prosperity in the new year.”

Thursday, December 24, 2020

I Got Covid 19 Vaccine Shot Last Week

Entrance to vaccine shots administration

Luckily, I got first shot of Covid-19 vaccine on December 18, 2020, last week. The date was exactly the same with vice president of USA, Mike Pence.

The difference between Mike Pence and I is he was injected in Washington DC, while I had done in my city, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I was included as first recipients in the city. Vaccine brand called as Biontech – Pfizer needs two shots.

In my cases, two shots and dates are:

- Primary shot, done on December 18, 2020

- Booster shot will be on January 8, 2021.

The interval between primary shot and booster shot is 21 days. Quite shorter compared to another vaccine (Moderna vaccine).

As you might know that the effective rate of both Biontech – Pfizer and Moderna are higher:

- 95% for Biontech – Pfizer

- 94.5% for Moderna

Christmas decoration at one of city corners

Just for comparison of effective rate for other two familiar vaccines are:

- 50% for H1N1 flu vaccine

- 90% for varicella vaccine.

Moreover, after getting shot, nothing happen to my body and feeling. Then, I was asked to stay in the specific room for 15 minutes.

I was observed to see “adverse reaction.” No “anaphylaxis,” a serious allergic reactions. Nothing happen at all.

You might wonder that why I could be included as first phase recipients of Covid-19 vaccine?

No, I am not older than 75 years old.

I am one of the healthcare personnel “who worked directly with Covid-19 patients.” 100% of our patients are survive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!

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