Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Could Avocado Reduce Metabolic Syndrome? - Health 20

Fig 01- Five avocados on the plate

Metabolic Syndrome is combine conditions such as “increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.”

These combination conditions may lead to increase risk of the following diseases include:

- heart disease

- stroke

- type 2 diabetes

Studies indicated that avocado may reduce metabolic syndromes. Avocado contains two types of fats to boost metabolism, they are:

- monounsaturated fat

- polyunsaturated fats

Since they boost metabolism, thus these two type of fats may reduce risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

Fig 02- Half cut of avocado.

It is believed that the avocado could improve our immune system to fight of micro pathogens.

Fig 03- Pile of avocados in the grocery

Avocado is good quality of diet, and delicious for me. It riches in nutrition too. The fruit contains:

- 20 vitamins, some of them are A, C, E, K, B6.

- minerals (magnesium, potassium)

- antioxidants (carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin)

Have you ever tasted avocado? Do you like it?

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Sweet White Hominy Pearls Tossed with Coconut Shreds

Fig 01- The colder weeks and we “stay in our bubbles”

It was 355 days ago, when we were ready to celebrate the Rat Year of the Chinese New Year, I posted about the new coronavirus “The gloomy in the Beginning of the Year of Rat”.

It is over a year since this type of virus, then we called it Covid-19, came up and spread, the viruses are still hanging around in this world.

They do not want away from us. They develop becoming new strains instead of leave us. The new strains are more virulent than their original, and we have to be aware.

A physician from Baton Rouge, Dr O'Neal, warns us not to get out in the next couples of weeks. He encourages us to “stay in our bubbles”.

This weekend and Monday Martin Luther King Holiday, I just stay in my small bubble, enjoy reading and cooking.

I cook my own snack. I would like to share with you my special sweet snack recipe. It can be a snack or an appetizer. Wondering what is it? It is sweet white hominy pearls covered with coconut shreds. 

Fig 02- Canned hominy

The taste of hominy is heavenly. Sometimes, I cook chicken soups with hominy or posoles, and another time I make hominy porridge with sweet condensed milk and/or coconut milk. I also like to add hominy in my salads.

Fig 03- Sweet white hominy pearls tossed with coconut shreds

Hominy is a product of corn, so it is free from gluten, high fiber, low fat and low carb.

One cup (165 g) of hominy contents about 120 calories, and 4 g(16% daily value) of fibers.

For today, I use hominy from Juanita's. I empty hominy into the pot, rinse, and cover with water.

Put the pot on medium high and bring to boil, then add some sugar, stir a few times. When the texture is softer, drain, and toss with coconut shreds. Ready to enjoy!

Do you like hominy? What is your favorite hominy recipe? 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

May Leg Pains Lead to Artery Diseases? - Cardiovascular 4

White flowers, for illustration only

May be, many of us never thought that pain in the legs has relationship with other parts of body.

Legs pain may sign of cardiovascular system problems. It is caused by arteries blockage.

Arteries to be clogged, and difficult to carry the blood into legs. This is due to sticky mix of:

- calcium

- cholesterol

The blockage is dangerous, and called as peripheral artery disease (PAD). It also indicates of blocking coronary arteries too.

PAD could lead to risk increase of:

- stroke

- heart attacks

- limb amputations

A Christmas tree decorations

It was reported that based on aged, the estimated number of people who are affected on PAD:

- 5% of people at 50 years old or over.

- 20% of people at 70 years old or over.

The warning signs of PAD are clearly seen when people walking:

- slower compared to before PAD

- easy to get tired

- achy legs

- loss of leg hair

- foot ulcers that don't heal

However, peripheral artery disease could be improved by:

- walking therapy

- exercises

Walking and exercise regularly are proved to improve blood flow, blood circulation and reduce (diminish) leg pains.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Mild Snow in Our City, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Fig 01- Very thin snow covered grass

As southern part of USA, our city, Baton Rouge temperature quite higher compared to northern part America.

Snowfall almost nothing every years, even we may experience lower temperature, below zero Celcius (F 32) degree couple days ago.

Yearly average temperature in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

- hot season, temperature from F 74 to F 91 (C 23 to 33) degree.

- cold season, range of temperature from F 43 to F 62 (C 6 to 17) degree.

Yes, we have snow several times in the last 15 years:

- 2008

- 2014

- 2017

The last snow was 3 years ago. About 6 inches snowfall. The snow lasted for one day. Considered longer in Louisiana.

Fig 02- Thin snow covered falling leaves.

However, I saw thin snow covered my yards couple days ago. Less than 1 inch, off course. 

Fig 03- Snow on the woody area in 2017

Nothing compared to previous snows, and lasted about 2 hours only. Dry up when sunrise.

In 2017, I remembered snowfall little by little, and filled up all day long. Some neighbors go out and created snowmen.

However, not all part of Louisiana experienced 6 inched snow, some part saw dusting of snow only.

It was reported that people saw snow flakes in the area close to biggest city of New Orleans.

How about with your city? Do you love snow? 

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