Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Could Papaya Tenderize Meat Naturally?

Fig 01- A half cut papaya

I see papaya whenever I visit a big super-center such as Walmart. It seems many papaya consumers in the USA.

Papaya is believed as native fruit from South America, then spread all over tropical countries.

People consume papaya for many purposes:

- source of nutrients

- medicine

- as vegetable in form of salad.

- used as a natural tenderize

In some tropical countries, people use papaya as a natural tenderizer for meat and chicken.

In addition to papaya, they use the following items:

- tea

- ginger

- pineapple

Fig 02- Papaya ready to peel up

However, it is said that papaya is one of the best “traditional” tenderizers. Easy and cheap to get it.

Fig 03- Papaya is a sweet fruit.

Papaya contain Proteolytic enzymes called as papain. This enzyme could break collagen (proteins) down. Hence, our meat will be tender.

The price of papaya is quite cheap, less than US$ 2 per pound, and even cheaper in ethnic groceries.

We consume this fruit as source of nutrients. Papaya riches in:

- fiber

- vitamins (C, A, B9)

- Potassium

- carbohydrates

Have you tried papaya? What do you like of papaya?


  1. I have never tried it’s very expensive this far north, the miles it has to travel to reach us. By the time it gets here the quality is poor. I have heard it’s good for tenderizing though,

    1. Hi Laurie, when papayas mature in the trees, they are so good, so flavorful, and so sweet :)
      The green ones (immature) are great for salads. Thai papaya salad is my fave salad when I go to Thai restaurants.

  2. No es de mis preferidas pero es muy buena para la digestión ya que tiene una enzima llamada papaína,tiene un alto contenido en fibras, es un buen laxante.
    Saludoe Evier

  3. Me gusta la papa en jugos por lo genera la hago mezclada con naranja. No sabia que se podía utilizar de ablandador. Te mando un beso

  4. Interesting. I dont like papaya but my hubby does.

  5. I think so. And I also like to use pineapple and ginger.

  6. My Darling Evi! Thank you for telling about papaya, but I've never tries it. It is not on sale in our shops.

  7. Papaya is, along with melon, one of the few fruits that I don't like or that I can't find the flavor for, rather. All the fruit universe fascinates me, but not papaya and melon.

    Hugs even bigger than papayas and melons, Evi.

  8. I've never tried... thanks for your sharing:)

  9. Si amiga, si puede hacer suave la carne, yo la uso y me da buenos resultados. Saludos.

  10. Love this fruit! Can't wait to eat more of it this summer season.

  11. Very interesting informations 😊

  12. Frutti molto utili per una buona salute dell'organismo...
    Cari saluti,silvia

  13. Yes I like Papaya, lovely :-D

  14. Dear Eva!
    How nice to be with you again after my long absence.
    Yesterday I came back from the hospital. Not Covid -19
    Great information. In my country, papaya is a delicacy.

    Hugs and greetings.

  15. I'm not sure if i have ever eaten it

  16. I'm not very fond of papaya, I don't like the smell, but I know is very good for your health.

  17. Los libros de cocina esta de moda

  18. Cool post!


    Kisses ;*

  19. La comí hace bastante tiempo y es una fruta que no me gusta. Besos.

  20. Very nice post and good job Dear friend! I like those fruits but rarely consume papaya. Thank you for the information.

  21. I eat it too from time to time but really I don't find it so tasty... I usually prefer Mango or Avocado, but good to know it's so good for health!

  22. Yes, but I don't like it!
    Here is an expensive fruit!
    Happy Easter Evi!


  23. Hola! a mi es una fruta que no me termina de gustar. Besos

  24. Pero que fruta más deliciosa la papaya! Y sabes tengo una costumbre la fruta sólo helada me gusta!
    Besotes Amiga bella!!

  25. Yes, I often eat papaya fruit. In our country there are several types of papaya fruit, namely:
    Papaya Thailand, Papaya Mexico and Papaya California. But that is just the name only, all of them come from our country. Of the three types of Thai papaya, the largest size is less sweet and has a mushy texture, a lot of water content and crumbles easily, I don't like this type. I prefer to choose the Mexican Papaya and California Papaya which even though they are small in length, they taste sweet and have a dense and coarse texture. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice weekend

  26. ¿te puedes creer que nunca he probado la papaya? quiero probarla, buen post

  27. papaya is good for digestion, for those who have diabetes, because papaya is not too sweet

  28. di kulkas nita selalu sedia pepaya kak...terasa segar karena kandungan airnya banyak, terlebih sangat bagus untuk melancarkan pencernaan...perut jadi tidak begah setelah mengkonsumsi pepaya ^^

  29. Hoje foi uma benção todas as intenções apresentada a Jesus, obg meu Deus por mais uma vitória neste dia🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏

  30. That sounds very interesting!!  

  31. Una idea muy interesante. Yo la verdad es que no consumo mucha papaya. Un beso

  32. I don't need much Papaya.
    Happy Easter.

  33. Dear Evi!
    Wishing you and your family an Easter filled with joy and hope.
    Happy Easter!

  34. those who have problems with constipation, just eat papaya hehehehe

  35. Yo si la he probado y la verdad no me gusta mucho, me gusta mas el mango, aunque podría hacer algún postre con esta fruta y así tomamos los nutrientes que tiene, gracias por tu información, un beso Evi.


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