Friday, March 12, 2021

Daylight Saving Time and the Broken Dreams

Fig 01- Daylight Saving Time.

Dark purple viola flowers cherish the days. The weather is getting warmer. The day becomes longer. These are some signs that the spring is appearing.

Do not waste the daylight, save it.

Sunday, March 14th, at 2.00 am, daylight saving time will begin here, so on the 14th, an hour forward.

When the clock changes, especially an hour forward, it alters our equilibrium life. For example, our sleep cycles and progress dreams.

Usually, we pass through four or five complete sleep cycle pernight, four stages of NREM sleep and a period of REM sleep per cycle.

Due to the clock goes an hour forward, it cuts this cycles.

Our dreams take place during both NREM and REM sleep.

The scientists mentioned dreams in REM sleep are more vivid and elaborate, and Kyger, et al (2011) believed that these dreams are functionally important to learning, memory processing, and adaptation to stress.

Fig 02- Dark purple Viola.

REM dreams breakthrough in content throughout the night. The dreams could about the current concerns, daily events, conversations and emotional experiences, childhood or other events in the past, and vague futures.

Fig 03- Viola flowers in the corner

It could be true that personality influences the quality of dreams. Many depressed people dream of helplessness, broken dreams. Some of people in some times fear about their bizarre dreams.

The dreams also able to delete wild fantasies. Some of us believe that dreams are symbolic signs for something.

But, many people have never aware about their dreams, or not able to recall their dreams, or totally forget about their dreams when they just awoke.

Talking about dreams and broken dreams, here, I would like to share a video by Green Day from the album American Idiot:

 “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” 

My shadow's the only one that walks beside me
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating..… ….Check my vital signs To know I'm still alive, and I walk alone I walk alone, I walk alone...”

Conclusively, the event of an hour forward can disturb our sleep cycles and dreams, and it can cause decrease alertness, inability to concentrate, and slowed reaction. Just be alert during doing activities in the day, drive safely, watch the beating of heart, check the vital signs, and Happy Spring!

Do you know that song? Are you concerned about your dreams?


  1. parlavo prima con mia sorella dei miei sogni che sono sempre cosi realistici ed amo sognare e ricordarli.
    questo articolo è molt interessante a presto veronica

  2. Interesting post. Usually, you have to get used to summer time a little. But, dont feel it that much.
    Have a nice weekend, Evi!

  3. Casi no tengo tiempo de soñar, caigo rendida al acostarme. La primavera se asoma por allí, aquí comienzan a caer algunas hojas.
    Beso desde Argentina

  4. The dark purple viola looks really beautiful, Evi. Interesting information about the sleep cycle and dreams.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Evi!

  5. Very beautiful viola flowers. I love them. :-)


  6. That song was from my childhood! Of course I remember it! XD
    Very interesting post, Evi! I usually sleep alot and very deep and remember my dreams often (but are usually pretty normal dreams)

  7. Very interesting entry, Evo. Intelligent and revealing from various points of view. Great contribution.

    Hugs even bigger than huge.

  8. Very nice post! Here in Upstate NY, the snow is finally melting! Today was very nice, I can see more patches of grass than snow, I hope all will melt away soon, I'm so ready for spring.

  9. Those purple flowers are beautiful! :)

    We don't have daylight savings here at all in this state, although it does make it confusing with working when we have people in other states and we have to remember if they have daylight saving time, haha!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  10. A good night's sleep makes all the difference in our health.

    Coisas de Feltro

  11. Hermosas violetas y me gusto la canción. Yo por lo general tengo sueños muy vividos y los utilizo en lo que escribo. Te mando un beso

  12. This is the difficult time change where we lose an hour. I dream more now that I wear a CPAP sleep mask at night to treat my sleep anpea. It is a good thing.

  13. Beautiful purple flowers .. Boulevard of broken dreams is also one of my favourite. The music video is also interesting. Dark, gloomy, but outstanding!

  14. Hi, Evi! We have not had set the clock forward or backward for a long time.
    I like the flowers very much.

  15. A mi no me gusta eso del horario de verano pero nada puedo hacer, saludos amiga.

  16. Beautiful exotic deep purple flowers. Looks like our hot season will be taken over by plenty of rain and thunderstorm very soon.

  17. Primavera, e sogni profondi, in un articolo intenso,e molto interessante...
    Cari saluti,silvia

  18. que reloj mas bonito, me ha encantado

  19. Bardzo ciekawy post :). Sny są czasami niesamowite, od dawna naukowców fascynowały :).

  20. I really don't like dreams ... sometimes they are so hectic and I wake up tired!
    I like the Green Day! Fortunately, we don't always have "broken dreams"!
    Thank you for the beautiful engel that you have sent to me ...
    I love Scorpions! Hugs! xoxo

  21. Lovely flowers. I really don't cope well with the clocks changing!

  22. I usually pay attention to my sleeping habits as sleep is of utmost importance to our well-being. I'm not a great 'dreamer', but I find your information on dreams quite interesting.

  23. Es que estamos integrados a la naturaleza mucho más de lo que pensamos, somos naturaleza



  24. Muy interesante tu informacion, por cierto, me encanta el reloj que nos muestras. Un beso y feliz fin de semana 💋💋💋

  25. Me regalaron por Navidad, un reloj, que mide la cantidad de pasos y controla los distintos ejercicios que haces a lo largo del día. Entre otras cosas también te mide la calidad de tu sueño.

  26. Io non sono affatto preoccupata dell'ora legale perché non ho alcuna difficoltà ad addormentarmi... Ovunque mi trovo.

  27. I do not like daylight savings. I think we should just leave and not have it and let nature takes its course. It is too hard on the body and sleep cycle.

    Allie of

  28. En España también adelantamos una hora el sábado 27 amiga. Preciosos pensamientos.
    Buen fin de semana Evi. Cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  29. Thanks for the reminder, Evi! I love that watch!

  30. Hay personas que no recuerdan los sueños, yo sí a veces son angustiantes. Besos.

  31. Everything related to dreams is very interesting.
    There are days that I don't remember any and others I remember all day...
    The song is one of those that does not go out of style.

  32. Lately I've been having a lot of dreams and I can tell time changed because I feel so tired this morning.

  33. Great review and beautiful photos! :)

  34. Those Dark Purples Are Such An Eye Catcher - Way Cool - Dreams, Love Them For Sure - Dreams, Cant Stand Them As Well - Dreams, Opportunities Knocking


  35. Non mi ricordo i sogni.... Ma mi piace sognare ad occhi aperti!!!

  36. Amazing violet flowers, I love it :)

  37. Si, ya mismo adelantamos la hora y la primavera ya esta por llegar con sus flores tan bonitas, tus violetas están preciosas.
    Evi yo suelo soñar mucho y algumas veces me acuerdo perfectamente de lo que soñe otras no.
    Un beso y buena semana.

  38. En Europa el cambio de horario de invierno a verano es el ultimo fin de semana de mazo y al inversa el ultimo de octubre, si que se llevan años diciendo que será el ultimo pero así seguimos.
    Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog.


  39. I remember some dreams and sometimes after waking up I can't remember.

  40. Very interesting points here I am not concerned about my dreams but I am about my sleep. Thanks darling Cris

  41. I like this post. Cool!

    Kisses ;*

  42. lovely flowers

  43. hmmmm...paragraf terakhir lirik lagunya siapa ya? penasaran aku

    btw nita baru tau kalau di malam hari terbagi menjadi beberapa siklus tidur kak evi...biasanya masalah mimpi aku sampai paginya masih keingat sih dan itu jelas banget...kadang mimpi indah tapi seringnya mimpi aneh, kayak berada dalam dunia surealis...

    btw warna bunganya mirip bunga telang kalau di sini kak

  44. No me gustan los cambios de hora aunque éste lo llevó mejor. Aquí aún nos faltan unos días para ese cambio.
    Me encantan esas flores de un lila/morado intenso.
    Gracias por tu visita

  45. I am glad that spring is getting closer. I heard that we won't be changing clocks anymore soon. It is definitely a heavy burden for the body.

  46. i know and alert about this because i involve in us stocks exchange �� here in asia we can start our trading activity one hour ealier: 9.30pm. before this, we start at 10.30pm and stop at 4.30am

  47. I don't like daylight saving time, I think we should just get rid of it. I read that it isn't good for our health.
    Sometimes I have vivid dreams, sometimes I don't.


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