Friday, April 16, 2021

Stretching to Prevent Leg Cramps

Fig 01- Grits and pickled jalapenos for breakfast after stretching

Have you had experiences muscle cramps in your leg? Some sources mentioned the causes of muscle cramps as the following:

-long period exercise


-tired muscle





Even muscle cramps are harmless or they might be a common problem that affect on any one, the experience of cramps could lead to:

-reduce quality of our life

-reduce quality of sleep

-reduce our daily activities

Fig 02- A little sweet snack

Depending of severity and frequency of the symptoms of muscle cramps, the treatments can be invasive and non invasive. Some of us prefer to take medications to prevent-leg-cramps, or alternative medications, such as acupuncture or dry-needling. 

Fig 03- Pumpkins, illustration only

Non-drugs treatments are also effective to prevent-leg-cramps, such as:



-change sleeping and sitting position

-heat therapy

-physical exercise


Stretching, many benefit of it. Stretching can ease pain and improve flexibility. Muscle stretching, 10 seconds calf muscle stretching three times a day for 2 months can treat and prevent musle cramps in the leg.

For simple stretching, I share 3 Easy Moves to Get Rid of Leg Cramps


At last, beside stretching or any non-drugs treatments, staying hydrate is important to prevent the leg cramps.


  1. Gracias por el consejo y lo haré ya que aveces sufro de calambres. Te mando un beso

  2. Kak evi, nita juga kadang mengalami kram otot...terapinya biasanya dibalsam saja...karena kalau treatment akupuntur takut dengan jarum hihihi

    harusnya memang dalam sehari kita harus ada sesi syretching ya kak :)

  3. I .had them a few times many years ago, but haven't had leg cramps in a long time. I do stretch every time after my workout and eat healthy. Hope it won't happen again!

  4. I was unaware of all this detailed information, Evi. I usually suffer from cramps and I control them with the intake of a daily banana. I will also put these valuable tips into practice, Very grateful once again, friend.

    Huge hugs getting bigger and bigger.

  5. Un articolo intenso e molto interessante, da tener sempre presente

  6. great post and informative surely

    thank you for the link also dear Evi
    more health and joy to you!

  7. Grazie per questi ottimi consigli.
    Felice weekend, un abbraccio

  8. Thanks for your informative article...

  9. Te agradezco mucho estos buenos consejos para evitar esos calambres en las piernas, porque yo también prefiero remedios alternativos o naturales, antes que tomar medicamento.
    Muy interesante y útil, tu entrada.
    Que disfrutes, Evi, de un buen fin de semana.

  10. Another reason- slow blood circulation because of thickness of blood. Anyway, elastic socks or bandages might also help with these cramps .

  11. El potasio también es un elemento clave para evitar los calambres, ya que interviene en el control de la contracción muscular. Lo podemos encontrar en el plátano, aquí llamado banana
    Besos Evi

  12. so far, I have yet to experience leg cramps... thanks for your info ;-)

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  14. Hi, Evi! Your post is very useful. From time to time I have muscle cramps in my legs.

  15. Awesome products, thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend my friend! 🌸🌸🌸

  16. Que interesante amiga, yo sufro de calambres muy seguido. Saludos.

  17. Stretching is great, I do that in form of yoga :)

  18. What a great post about cramps!

  19. Dear Evi!
    Great post and interesting information.
    I have leg cramps from time to time.
    Happy new week.

  20. Thank you for this post. I just got up in the middle of the night with leg cramps. It was awful! Thank goodness it doesn't happen often though.

  21. Fantastic post! 

    Kisses :)       

  22. Very interesting and useful post!
    Luckily, even if I'm pretty sporty girl, I've never suffered of cramps, but never say never: I'll keep in mid your tips!

  23. Some good tips. While I do not get leg cramps I do suffer from RLS and depending on the severity, stretching helps with that as well.

  24. Stretching is good for many issues including leg cramps. I find eating bananas helps as well because of the potassium.

  25. Oh yes I get them because I take Vitamin 6 for carpel tunnel as this relives the excess fluid but that then causes the cramping at night...good advice here!

    Allie of

  26. I experience leg cramps from time to time, your tips come in handy. Thank you

  27. Fantastic post Honey, really great :) Thanky you for this post.
    Kisses from Poland ! <3

  28. Very interesting your words, thank you for sharing them with us.


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