Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Why do Birds Sing in my Backyard in the Morning?

Fig 01- A bird, photo taken from my neighborhood.

I just wonder birds sing loudly in my backyard every morning. They keep singing their songs and will reduce their choirs or stop singing at all about 11 AM.

By searching through internet, I found several other birds that sing from dawn to the late morning. Some of them:
- blackbirds
- thrushes
- woodpigeons
- wrens
- warblers
- great tits
- blue tits
- sparrows
- finches
- common pheasant
- Chaffinches

Fig 02- Succulent, just for illustration.

Fig 03- Pelican swimming in the city lake

I recognized 3 kinds of birds only:
- crow
- robin
- dove

Then, the question: Why do Birds Sing in my Backyard in the Morning?
Several answers I found from internet:
1) A sing is a kind of opportunity, before foraging and social interactions.
2) It is messages to others to stay away
3) Just for practicing purposes
4) Louder sing to intimidate rivals, but attractive to females for mating.

Have you experienced to hear loud songs of birds in the morning? Where? Do you recognize the bird's species?


  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. x

  2. I also like when bird sing in the morning. For me that is such a beautiful sound and sight to get up.

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  3. You must have a great backyard with lots of trees and flowers. I only saw crow and some kind of papagai here..thought singing in the morning is one of their routines.

  4. Hi! What an interesting post. As I live very close to an important avenue in the city, I cannot hear the birds in the morning, instead I only wake up to the noise of the cars hahaha. Kisses 💛

  5. Evi around here we have a bird called a thrush. He can't think of a better idea than to sing at 4 in the morning! it is the moment that is about to dawn and most of us are still sleeping!
    Kiss from Argentina

  6. Evi al usar el traductor tradujo tordo y no es el nombre del pájaro. Se llama "zorzal"

  7. I love birdsong! It's so good that they sing in your yard in the morning! Thanks for the post)

  8. In my hause, sparrows have been screaming since morning.And then when i op to the bus stop i heardifferent birds.

  9. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!

  10. A mi patio acuden los gorriones y es que en la mesa dejo depositada unas migas de pan.

    Son bonitas tus fotografías.


  11. Uwielbiam ptasi śpiew. U nas w Polsce to jeden ze zwiastunów nadchodzącej wiosny :). Dzisiaj rano przez otwarte okno słyszałam radosne trele sikorek :).

  12. What a nice post:) thanks for your sharing...

  13. When I was a girl I grew up in a pretty rural area and therefore I was used to hear birds singing in any time, see the sky full of stars in the evening and smell the fragrance of grass and wet soil after raining. Then I went to college and moved to a bigger city and afterwards I married and moved not only in an even bigger city but in a different country too. I didn't get to hear birds singing after me moving, nor to feel all the other things I mentioned before. The only moment I heared birds singing again was during the firts lockdown in march/april 2020 because cars stopped circulating every second and there was so much peace that one could hear the wonderful bird singing.
    Anyways, thank you for sharing all those informations with us, I had no idea the reasons behind them singing.

  14. Cool post and beautiful photos!


    Kisses ;*

  15. I believe that these sings coming from the inner joy of the birds for stay alive another day...



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  17. Si la he tenido por lo general en mi jardín hay mirlos y cuan se aparean o enseña a sus hijos a volar hay cantos y chillidos de alerta. Te mando un beso

  18. I love hearing bird song, whether by my feeder or just in the woods or on my walk. I suppose I knew there was a reason but I never really thought about it!

  19. Hi, Evi! I like listening the birds every morning! But I am sorry I don't know their names.

  20. Me fascina el canto de los pajaros por las mañanas. Lindo post amiga, saludos.

  21. E' piacevolissimo il canto degli uccelli, al mattino...
    Buongiorno, silvia

  22. la figura 2 es una pasada, en mi espacio tambien vienen unos cuantos pajaros.

  23. Post interessante. Mi ha fatto sorridere google translator😂😂
    “great tits” tradotto in italiano “cinciallegra”
    for google translator “great tits” = “grandi tette” same Big breast
    Felice giornata un abbraccio

  24. the birds are amazing creatures;)

  25. It is wonderful to listen to the birds. They are quite vocal here too. I love the cooing of the doves. However my favorite has to the be the mocking bird. They make me laugh since when they sing, their song completely changes ever 2 seconds or so!

  26. Birds sing beautifully ... great post.

  27. En mi zona hay mirlos, me gusta el canto de las aves a primera hora de la mañana, anuncian el buen tiempo ¡BEsos mil!

  28. when I lived in the countryside, I often heard larks - although I liked the summer, lazy afternoons on the porch the most, when I was staring at the sky and the cuckoos were in the background 😍
    unfortunately I don't hear any birds in the city and I miss it a bit ...

  29. Inspirational post, Evi. In my garden goldfinches and thrushes sing, parrots nest in the tallest pines, and many birds of great variety arrive at some point because the ecological reserve of Buenos Aires is nearby.

    The huggest hug!!

  30. Purtroppo non conosco il canto degli uccelli, da noi in città non se ne vedono...

  31. Me encantan tus post tan llenos de vida. Un beso.

  32. Kok kayaknya aku ga pernah denger burung2 bernyanyi ya mbak, atau mungkin sekelompok burung yang terbang bersama2 dan bersuara itu mereka sedang bernyanyi? tp entah itu burung apa.

  33. This is the most beautiful sound to wake up to. I hear birds by my window all spring long and makes my heart jump of joy.

  34. An interesting message.
    It’s great to listen to birdsong in the mornings.
    When spring comes, the birds are excited, preparing for nesting.
    There are a lot of birds here.

  35. En mi jardín cantan todas las mañanas y a veces al atardecer y sí, algunos reconozco. Besos.

  36. SO great post


  37. Happy Earth - Sing On Happy Birds

    Big Hugs

  38. There are birds that I sometimes hear on the back patio.

  39. I Love to listen birds sing :-)

  40. With us, the birds also sang and how they nest :)

  41. Hi
    I have many birds singing in my garden, I can recognize some, turtles, nightingale, and others! I think they sing to attract females!


  42. Oh my, yes! Birds sing pretty loudly very early in the morning, now that Spring is slowly coming (I live in Upstate NY) I can hear them when I wake up and go to the bathroom around 5 am. I live where there are lots of trees and I love seeing chickadees, robins, cardenals, blue jays, but we also get to see eagles and owls.
    Very interesting post!

  43. Is beautiful listening the sing of birds. Thanks for sharing!

  44. Birds singing outside is a sure sign of Spring :)

  45. Yes, they always sing very loudly in the morning. I'm not sure what kind of birds.

  46. Ellos cantan a viva voz y a todo pulmon en tu jardin porque te aman mucho y asi te saludan, es amor musical. Son tan bellas estas criaturas del aire!
    Besos ¸. • * ¨ * • ♫ ♪♪ ♫ • * ¨ * • .¸

  47. Les gusta tu jardín Evi.
    Un abrazo.

  48. Post is great! pictures are beautiful. Thanks


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