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Biscotti and “The Blissful Feast” by Teresa Lust

Fig 01- Biscotti for breakfast

Most countries in the worldwide familiar to the Italian foods. We see how pizza and pasta take over the world.

Some Italian cuisines could be adapted from his foreign countries in the past, but Italian people created the gourmets with their imagination so that their taste and creations became their own signatures.

The world loves the creativity and the simplicity of Italian foods, no wonder in some places Italian cuisines have been adjusted and re-created.

Many modifications of pizzas and pastas around the worlds.

Indeed, Italian cuisines also have flexibility in ingredient compositions and serving.

Now, hazelnut paste that originally from Italy (Piedmont) can be found anywhere.

We are familiar with the hazelnut butter spread, Nutella. Italian alba truffle from Piedmont is a kind of a luxury truffle.

Fig 02- A Blissful Feast by Teresa Lust.

Biscotti is also familiar around here. In the coffee shops we can find biscotti along the other cookies and pastries for breakfast.

Fig 03- Teresa Lust, a writer, gardener, and cook

Italian cookbooks are also easy to find with the great recipes, useful tips, and beautiful photos.

Fig 04- Biscotti recipe photo from “The Blissful Feast”-1

A Blissful Feast: Culinary Adventures in Italy's Piedmont, Maremma, and Le Marche by Teresa Lust, is a beautifully written book about her adventures in Italy.

Fig 05- Biscotti recipe photo from “The Blissful Feast”-2

Teresa Lust’s grandmother was from Italy, and she grown up in the Italian cultures and Italian cuisines in Washington.

Her palate about her roots of cuisines brought her to a “delicious” journey in Italy.

She stayed and learned about Italian farming, preparing, cooking, and serving of those foods from her relatives in Piedmont, Maremma, and then Le Marche.

We can find the authentic Italian cuisines in this book and the stories behind those foods.

She also guides us about Italian words and language that used in the Italian culinary and gourmet.

In this page, I share the biscotti recipe (photos) from her book. It is great recipe to try, one batch can make 4 dozen.


  1. Italians are the best, and not only in culinary matters.
    The 'Blissful Feast" by Teresa Lust, sounds like a good, useful reading.

  2. ¡Hola! Gracias por la información. Acá en Perú es más popular la pizza y la pasta, pero es bueno saber que hay más delicias por probar.
    Besos ♥

  3. Yummy! I have not made biscotti before, but certainly enjoy eating it.

  4. Excellent review and recommendation, Evi. My wife is a pastry chef, so I will comment on this article and I am sure she will cook me some hazelnut pasta delicatessen. Perrotti is also very Italian, right?

    The very very big hugest hug!!

  5. Uy se ve genial, he hecho tiramisu y panettone pero no esa receta así que me animare hacerla te mando un beso

  6. Biscottis are originally from the Tuscany region, they are eaten with coffee. I pass you my recipe:
    1 tsp baking powder.
    Sugar 250 grs.
    Neutral oil 2 tbsp.
    Eggs 2 Units
    Yolk 1 Unit
    Herbal liqueur
    Peeled almonds 100 grs.
    Salt a pinch
    Flour 0000 300 g
    In a bowl mix the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar.
    Add the yolk, eggs, and oil.
    Add the almonds and finish joining the ingredients until you get a smooth dough.
    Form 2 cylinders 30 cm long and transfer to a previously oiled plate.
    Cook in a preheated oven at 180º C for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
    Slice on the bias, return to the plate and cook 10 more minutes.
    Evi I hope they turn out delicious.
    My greeting from

  7. Love this Italian classic cookie! That looks like a really nice book. Thanks, Evi, for the review.

  8. I love Biscottis, yummyyy.

    Besitos dulces


  9. Great post my blogger friends. Have a nice day . Dilek ...

  10. Thessaloniki biscotti, have you ever heard? the Turks immigrating from Anatolia to the Balkans do...very delicious:)

  11. biscotti roti dari italia...kelihatannya kulit luarnya sangat renyah...hmmmm enak kak evi

    nita sendiri hapal perbakingan italia dari beberapa film yang pernah nita tonton

    dan everything bout italia pasti dihubungkan dengan spageti, pasta dan juga pizza ^^

  12. Very nice. I just doubt I could make it worth eating. I'm that kind of cook.

  13. Everything looking very nice! Thanks for the information! Have a great weekend my friend! 😘😘😘

  14. Un grazie di cuore dall'Italia per questo splendido post sui CANTUCCI.

  15. Ho molto apprezzato questo post nei dintorni della nazione in cui vivo
    Un sorriso,silvia

  16. I love biscotti and in fact just made some last week. I'm always looking for a new recipe so thanks for the info here!

  17. Muy interesante, me encantan algunas recetas italianas. Besos.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I love biscotti! Thanks for sharing the recipe from "the Blissful Feast"

  20. Seems like a good cookbook. I'm fond of biscotti with a latte as an afternoon treat. Have a blissful weekend.

  21. Mmm, Italian food! It doesn't get much better than that, especially Nutella! :)

  22. Interesante y delicioso... Saludos Evi.

  23. This look very delicious. Thank you for sharing recipe.

  24. Da noi, in Italia, si mangia molto bene. I biscotti son tutti buonissimi !! Saluti.

  25. Very fine post:) Have a nice day ;)

  26. Hi Evi,
    i love italian food. I just had a Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini. But I didn't know that biscotti. I felt like eating it.

    Inventando com a Mamãe / Instagram  / Facebook / Pinterest

  27. biscotti sounds amazing ,Italian food is so popular in rich community here too


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