Thursday, May 13, 2021

Green Bean and Papaya Delight

Fig 01- Slices of green papaya.

I went to the store and so happy to find the green papaya. This green papaya could be good to make Thai papaya salads, but the green papaya in coconut milk seemed a great choice.

I got a medium size green papaya and a can of leche de coco (coconut milk).

I kept the green papaya in the fridge.

Two days later, I was ready to cook the papaya. The green papaya was still green, and the skin had not changed color.

I peeled the skin; the papaya was still hard. I cut it into half. Oops, the flesh inside was turning to yellow-orangish

I was thinking this papaya looked better for mixed papaya, cucumber, and jicama salads with crushed peanut sauce.

Unfortunately, I have no cucumber, jicama, or other vegetables to make that salad.

Fig 02- Cut green beans

Okay, just kept it as a plan, the green papaya in coconut milk.

I sliced the flesh papaya thinly, put them in a pan. 

Fig 03- Leche de coco, coconut milk

Fig 04- Green Bean and Papaya Delight.

Then I added:

-crushed ginger, onion, and garlics,
-chili peppers (optional),
-and laurel leaves.

Bringing them to boil.

The color looked like more dessert than vegetable to me, so I added some frozen cut green beans and mixed all of them.

Looked better then!

I added leche de coco (coconut milk), a pinch of salt, and simmer for a while. Lastly, garnish with mint leaves! Looks great and tasty 😊

Have you ever tried this kind of food? What do you call it?

In Philippine, this recipe is called Ginataang Papaya, but the flesh of green papaya must be white color.

I showed this photo to the best chef in this town, Chef James, he called it, Green Bean and Papaya Delight.


  1. Green Bean and papaya delight looks tasty and very healthy.

  2. This look very delicious. Thank you for sharing recipe.

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  3. That looks delightful! Is green papaya a kind of papaya or just unripe one?

  4. Thanks for sharing, I would love to try this :)

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  5. Nunca he probado las judias verdes así. Tomo nota de tu receta. Un beso

  6. This sounds unique! I have tried fresh papaya but it is not for me. However cooking it like this with spices might be!

  7. Il frutto della papaya l’ho mangiato molte volte ma mai in insalata. Però non so se “green papaya” è semplicemente il frutto acerbo o se è un’altra qualità.
    Felice giornata, un abbraccio

  8. He comido la papaya en un mix de frutas frescas. Sola no tiene mucho sabor.
    Besos desde

  9. This look very delicious 😊

  10. I loved how you colorfully described the preparation, Evi. I already have the recipe, I just need to get all the ingredients and prepare it. Delight. Thank you very much, friend.

    Big hugest hug!!

  11. Looks interesting... thanks for your sharing:)

  12. I've never tried green bean and papaya before, what an interesting combo! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Hope you are having a good day :)

    Away From The Blue

  13. Delicious!

    Kisses ;*

  14. Nunca se me ocurrió hacer los dos, gracias por la receta se ve muy rico. Te mando un beso

  15. Hi, Evi! It's very delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  16. Sempre notizie variegate nelle tue belle pagine
    Un sorriso,silvia

  17. You still made something beautiful with what you had. Great job!

  18. ¡Hola! Vaya, se ve deliciosooo, ya quiero prepararla. Besos ♥

  19. La papaya no me gusta, pero se ve bien. Un beso.

  20. It looks like a very healthy food option.
    Coisas de Feltro

  21. It looks amazing and the connection with the green beans ... great.

  22. Se ve bien, pero nunca he comido así las judias verdes
    Buen fin de semana Evi.Cuídate.
    Un abrazo.

  23. It looks delicious! I will buy green papaya next time I go to the groceries!

  24. I love papayas. Way to save the day by coming up with this impromptu recipe!

  25. I never ate. But I believe that it is / are very fresh and pleasant tasting salads.
    Good weekend… Embrace of friendship.
    Poetic Thoughts and Daydreams

  26. Una combinazione di gusti alquanto strana ma sicuramente da provare.

  27. ¡Hola!

    Gracias por compartir la receta.

    Nos leemos♥

  28. I also like eating Papaya, it tastes very good!
    bundles with frontal

  29. Looks yummy :) Have a great day :)


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