Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Knowing Anything about Mental Illness is Important First Step - Mind and Mental 1

Fig 01- The first day of Tuesday Farmer Market in 2021

May is about the end. As we know May is Mental Health Awareness Month statewide.

In the beginning of this month, I met a pretty girl, 30s. She is slim, tall, and smart.

She worked in a chemical company before pandemic. She lost her job, and now she has done hospital visiting due to her diseases.

She underwent multiple removal surgeries.

When I asked her about her life and how she managed her stressful, she asked me back. “Stress?” then “Let it go away.”

She laughed, I believe she had a beautiful smile behind her face mask, “No stress. Nah!”

It seems she knows how to cope her problems. That is great.

In truth, there are always some problems that we face as we live in this world.

Fig 02- Beside enjoy walking around and taking photos, buying fruits and vegetables in farmer market is one of my activities to keep away from mental illness. At this moment, I was taking photos.

Along the month of mental awareness, I am trying to “investigate” myself.

Do I have:

-excessive anxiety and fear
-feeling sad and low so bad
-extremely mood swing, euphoria
-very easily disturbed and grumpy
-confusing in thinking and lack of focus and learning
-keeping away from friends

Fig 03- Zucchinis and yellow squashes look very fresh. Grab some to cook today, cooking is also fun!

The points above are common signs of mental illness that I need to be aware.

HEALTHY Lives mentioned that knowing anything about mental illness is important first step.

Do not hesitate to find help, do not afraid to consult a doctor.

Even I have some points above, I take control of myself. I find something fun! Such as:

- walking in the gardens
- taking photos
- reading favorite books
- listening to the old school music
- chatting with friends
- shopping small things
- cooking simple foods

The most important is: posting my thought in my blog then enjoying every single comment from you all, my friends.

I really appreciate for your visiting and commenting.

They are such medicines to me to keep healthy and away from mental illness. Thank you so much!


  1. Wow that is a lot to handle but it sounds like she handling her hardships very well.

    Allie of

  2. A different entry, Evi, with a hopeful look, full of healthy and wise advice to take into account...

    A very very big hugest hug, friend!!

  3. Mi enfermedad son los años,estos y sus decadencias me hace pensar en la poca vida que me puede quedar,la vida es tan bonita que tenemos la obligación disfrutar de ella.

  4. Yo creo que hay que ser empatico y luego tratar de conocerse a si mismo y no temer por lo que sentimos y mimarnos. Te mando un beso

  5. Right now I am enjoying my QUIET life...things could always go worse, so I appreciate small little things in my life...and am just be grateful that I have my family around and we are relatively healthy.

  6. Sometimes self care gets a bad rap, but it's the most important thing there is. I'm so glad that you find balance by immersing yourself in art and nature and spending time with friends. Keep on keeping on!

  7. Great tips thanks for sharing!

  8. Great article. Sstay healthy, include mental health. Don't stress and stay happy

  9. This is a very important topic, good that you write about it, thank you for sharing.

  10. La vita è sempre piena di problemi, ma cerchiamo di affrontarla al meglio
    Un saluto,silvia

  11. very interesting, I used to do housework, wash clothes, wash dishes, sweep the garden and take walks to relieve my stress

  12. Dear Evi! Thank you for your pieces of advice!

  13. Interesting post, thanks for your sharing...

  14. I'd like to cope my problems like the girl you met.


  15. hello dear!
    each of us has some problems. smaller, bigger. it is worth learning how to deal with them. I keep my fingers crossed for all those struggling with the disease! I wish everyone strength and health. wonderful entry dear.
    Greetings from Poland!

  16. Perhaps the less we think about the negatives, the better. Your ideas of taking control of your life are good and beneficial!

  17. Well thought out. There are so many natural ways to boost our mood and control our anxieties.

  18. Good life guide, thank you.
    Let’s enjoy summer in sunny weather and rainy weather.
    Every day is a joy.

    Have a nice summer!

  19. Thanks for this post. I think finding HOPE will always be in your favor during stressful times. It could be looking forward to your favorite TV show to doing those things you mentioned. None of us are perfect and it might takes us years to figure out what we did wrong to begin with. Some of us go through the thoughts of it from how we are raised or just blaming it all on dear old Mom (& that could be the case) But looking forward and staying positive is the key. Being your own best friend isn't selfish at all.

  20. Good post. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week!

  21. At this time you have to try to maintain emotional balance. Those who are sick do not know how to face the problem and sometimes they do not take the help that we offer them.
    Kisses Evie

  22. Very interesting informations 😊

  23. Dear Evi!
    I love the pumpkin soup and zucchini pancakes.
    I admire the girl that she coped with the problems.
    Hugs and greetings.

  24. Even though I have dealt successfully with clinical depression, many years past, I never really thought about it as mental illness. We are presently dealing with a very serious mental illness with Rick's oldest and I'm learning more than I ever thought (or wanted to have to learn) about mental illness. Thanks for bringing this important issue up front.

  25. Hello Beautiful! Without a doubt, it is very important that we all become aware of mental health. In addition to that of the pandemic, I believe that these diseases have been increasing and many people still do not know what it is about.

    XO ♥

  26. Las enfermedades mentales,es bastante cruel. Afectan al que la sufre y a la familia.

    Creo que esta pandemia, ha hecho aumentar los casos, el estar tanto tiempo en casa y no salir al exterior hace repercutir en la mente.


  27. Very interesting information.


  28. I admire this girl ☺
    I know that there are several autoimmune diseases that themselves make patients nervous, and whatever

  29. W zdrowym ciele, zdrowy duch. Niech Duch Święty będzie z Tobą.

  30. Pienso, que la situación que estamos padeciendo de tantas horas en casa y esa falta de libertad para pasear y viajar, está haciendo estragos en el estado de ánimo de muchas personas.
    Así que, amiga Evi, no dejes de salir a pasear, de compras, o a lo que te apetezca, que eso siempre te va a venir bien; y ojalá que pronto se acabe con el covid 19, y podamos hacer vida normal.
    Yo también tengo días, que mi ánimo está por los suelos.
    Cuídate mucho.
    Un abrazo.

  31. Muy interesante tu entrada, me ha gustado. Besos.


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