Monday, May 17, 2021

Leprosy is the Oldest of the Ancient Diseases - Hansen’s Disease 2

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Leprosy is one of ancient diseases that still exist in this modern human lifestyle.

This prehistory disease could be the oldest recorded ancient disease (Hurst, 2019)

Paleontologists conduct many studies about the disease that plagued humankind throughout the history.

They believe the root of this disease “likely stem back millions of years”.

Untreated disease of leprosy can cause deformities in the face and extremities that lead to:

- Disability
- Stigmatization
- Mortality.

Like Covid-19, leprosy is transmitted by close contacted. They are a droplet precaution.

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Coughing and sneezing of infected person can spread the disease to the healthy person. 

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A healthy person is also can be infected leprosy if the person breaths in the air that contaminated with bacteria. The bacteria cause leprosy is called Mycobacterium leprae.

CDC mentioned that a person will not get infection through:

-Shaking hands
-Sitting next each other in subway or bus
-Sitting together in the dinner table.
-Not passing on from mother to her baby during pregnancy

There are about 200.000 cases per year in the worldwide. Leprosy is rare in the US and is about 200 new cases per year.

This disease is curable with multiple antibacterial drugs. The treatment is amazingly effective.


  1. Beautiful flowers!

    Kisses ;*

  2. I had no idea leprosy still existed.

  3. What beautiful roses, I loved the photos!

  4. Muy buena adentrada muy informativa sobre una enfermedad que era sinónimo de estigmatizacion y muerte. Te mando un beso

  5. I have never heard of this disease...good to know it's easy to treat it.

  6. Hi, Evi! I thought that leprosy did not exist at the present time. It was terrible to fall ill with leprosy in ancient times.

  7. Que no vuelva esa horrible enfermedad.... Saludos amiga.

  8. Splendidi fiori in questo aarticolo, che parla della malattia della lebbra, antichissima

  9. Post interessante. Immagino che la diffusione maggiore della malattia avvenga nei paesi poveri dove i malati non hanno i pochi centesimi che servono per comprare le medicine.
    Felice giornata, un abbraccio

  10. Es una de las enfermedades que ya tendría que estar erradicada Evi. Preciosas flores para alegrarnos la vista.


  11. Definitely never hear about this disease anymore. Thanks so much for the information. Beautiful flowers too!

  12. Luckily leprosy can be treated today. Pretty roses!

  13. So interesting information dear!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great post dear!Photos are amazing !   

  15. It's a terrible disease, I had no idea it still existed.

  16. I did not know everything about leprosy. I thought I was out of date. As always, very good information, Evi.

    The very big hugest hug!!

  17. I am surprised to hear that there are still so many cases every year. Almost 20 years ago there was a case in my country of origin, Romania, and it was so much talked in the mass media that people started looking with fear people that had a minimal facial deformity. It was an elderly lady and to be honest I don't remember what happened to that woman afterwards...

  18. Many thanks for sharing this post, interesting to read.

    Those flowers are beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  19. Hola guapi, qué curiosidades me ha encantado, muack

  20. ¡Hola! Qué interesante post. La verdad es que la lepra es que hace mucho que no se habla, incluso se podría pensar que ya no existe. Gracias por el post. Besos ♥

  21. These roses are so beautiful. Enjoy watching them.

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  22. Yikes - Also, Interesting Gas Shortage Post - Stay Strong


  23. Una enfermedad que siempre me ha dado miedo, pero que ya hay medicamentos para ella. Las rosas son bonitas. Besos.

  24. I have not had any information about this disease and so bad still it is existed.

  25. A very interesting topic, the roses are absolutely gorgeous!
    Hugs and greetings, Evi:)

  26. Leprosy is still out there?! And here I thought it couldn't get worse than COVID! Thanks for keeping us informed. Stay safe! :)

  27. is it easy to infect those with chronic diseases?

  28. It's interesting that only some people will contract the disease. My grandfather was a Buddhist priest who ministered to victims of Hansen's Disease on Molokai for 6 years and did not contract the disease. Brother Joseph Dutton ministered to Christian patients for 44 years and also did not contract the disease. However, Father Damien did contract the disease and died of it.


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