Monday, May 31, 2021

Little Crowd in the Coffee Shop of Our City

Fig 01- Little crowd in the coffee shop

I have seen “little live” in our city, Baton Rouge, since March this year, but the outdoor activities:

Since then, vaccination rate has been improved in Louisiana. 35% of population got vaccines now.

The number is increasing day by day. Citizen and business community more confident than previous months.

People with two shots are allowed to unmask indoor. Little crowd are easily seen in places such as:

- restaurants
- coffee shops
- library
- etc

Fig 02- Customers waiting in line

Fig 03- Empty chairs in the early morning

When we came to one of the oldest coffee shops in our city on the early morning, there were a lot of empty chairs.

About half an hour later, we saw some of customers sit at one of corners. They got their drink and chatted each other.

Yes, people start gathering indoor now.

How about with your cities or places? Hope, this pandemic is over soon!.


  1. Good to see things getting back to a new normal.

  2. Que bueno es genial ver como las cosas vuelven ala normalidad

  3. It's great to see the life back to normal..slowly, but surely. Have a good day, Evi!

  4. So glad that vaccines are up in your neck of the woods! It's nice to see things slowly open and the world wake up.

  5. Anche in Italia stiamo vaccinando molto. Circa cinquecentomila persone al giorno. Ho ricevuto la prima dose di Pfizer e i contagi, per fortuna sembrano diminuire...
    Buongiorno, silvia

  6. Thanks for the beautiful post!

    Have a nice day)   

  7. We see some places in full capacity..although, not sure I'm ready to go in. Graduation was over the weekend at the high school and many places to eat were busy. Quarantine is over at our library too.

  8. Great coffee shop and good review. Stay safe and healthy

  9. Benvenuto a giugno! Possa questo mese portare molte gioie, bei momenti, salute, pace e amore alla tua vita.

  10. Little by little normality also arrives in our city thanks to vaccines. I hope you are fine.

  11. The rules are loosening up here too. It feels good to see some normalcy again.

  12. The interiors are open here but I prefer to only make use of the terraces, I am still worried that I could be infected because I have not yet been vaccinated.

  13. ¡Hola! Qué genial que allá ya estén recuperando la normalidad. Creo que en mi país eso está muy lejos :(
    Besos ♥

  14. Aquí en España se va recuperando la normalidad poco a poco.


  15. Aquí seguimos con etapas de confinamiento. Deben llegar más vacunas
    besos Evi

  16. I am glad that the pandemic in your country and city is being left behind, that it will soon be just a bad memory. Here we still have to go a long way to get out ... I hope we are heading in the right direction. With the politicians who govern us you never know.

    The hugest hug!!

  17. ¡Hola!

    En Perú la cosa sigue un poco mal, me alegra que en tu país ya se este normalizando.

    Nos leemos♥

  18. En España la vacunación avanza a buen ritmo. Aquí se vive mucho la cultura de los bares y siempre que han podido abrir están llenos. A mí el virus me da mucho miedo. Sigo sin vacunar por mi edad, pero ni aún cuando reciba la dosis seré capaz de entrar, al menos a corto plazo, en un lugar donde esté con más gente sin mascarilla.

    ¡Besos mil!

  19. They opened restaurant gardens in Poland. You can walk outside without masks.

  20. Es natural, toda precaución es poca...hay quién se ha contagiado con las dos dosis de vacuna inyectada.


  21. I start going to the coffee shop too, yhanks God we are back to normal, not the same yet, but some normality is need!

  22. In Portugal, vaccination is going well and there are fewer restrictions. We can already go to cafes and restaurants and commerce is already returning to normality. For now, the use of a mask in the street is still mandatory.
    Hugs and all the best

  23. I don't know that the pandemic will ever be over -- at least not for a long time. It will come and go, ebb and flow and lesson as more are vaccinated. But I don't trust the "honor system" for people unvaccinated to keep wearing masks to keep others safe. Americans are just too selfish.

  24. delightful sight indeed

    our city is under partial lockdown i mean smart if it is smartness

  25. Por España va mejorando, las vacunas van bastante bien, pero las mascarillas todavía son obligatorias. Besos.


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