Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Tropical Fruits in the USA Markets

Fig 01- Two kinds of tropical fruits

If you visit any groceries in the USA, you may easily spot tropical fruits. Banana is the most favorite fruit both in America and the world.

Average American consumed banana 27.38 pounds (12.4 kg) per person per year.

Other tropical fruits sold in the markets:

- Avocados
- Pineapples
- Guavas
- Mangoes
- Plantains

Where are these tropical fruits coming from?

Yes, your guess might true that Latin America countries are the main sources not only tropical, but also other fruits.

However, some tropical fruits such as mango and plantains may grow very well in some states of America.

Fig 02- Banana sold in the grocery

Fig 03- Three mangoes

Several states which produce tropical fruits include:

- Georgia
- Florida
- Texas
- California.

We love California plantains and Texas mangoes. We buy plantains almost once a week. We steam or fry the plantains.

Texas or Florida mangoes are abundance in the summer, start from late May every year.

I have noticed that mangoes price quite lower during summer seasons, especially in Mexican and Asian groceries.

Instead of banana, what is your most favorite tropical fruit?


  1. Me gustan todas las frutas que aparecen en verano: uvas, duraznos, ciruelas.
    Besos Evi

  2. I love pineapple but guava is not sold in our country... thanks for your sharing:)

  3. Me gustan el plátano y mi país es uno de los mayores exportadores de esa fruta. Tambien me gusta el mango la piña la paya entre otras aunque mi fruta favorita es la cereza.

  4. Pineapple and mango are my husband's favourites!

  5. Ormai ovunque c'è tanta varietà di frutta...

  6. Hi, Evi! I enjoy bananas and pineapples but I've never tasted avocados, guaves, mangoes (I've drunk mango juice), plantains.

  7. kebetulan aku pecinta buah2an, jadi aku suka hampir semua jenis buah mbak, makannya tergantung kebutuhan aja, tapi kalau favorit ya nanas hihihi

  8. I like banana. It's good for stamina. Great article

  9. Avacados are a favorite here! Especially with toast and eggs in the morning. It's a plant fat good for me. I try to stay away from banannas since it's too much sugar for me as well as the other fruits.

  10. We enjoy Mexican red mangos from my Toronto grocery store.

  11. Here, supermarkets always have plenty of tropical fruit varieties. In addition to bananas, one of my favorite tropical fruits is mangoes.
    Hugs and all the best

  12. Me gustan todos, en España Islas Canarias hay muchos plátanos y son de gran calidad. También en otras partes de España, Andalucía hay mangos, aguacates y algunas frutas más. Besos.

  13. Great post! Thanks for sharing. x

  14. I love fruits, Evi, I eat them for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, even the main dishes and salads (rice, vegetables, chicken, pork) we accompany them with fruits no matter the season of the year...

    Huge hug more than super huge.

  15. En la parte Sur y Este de Andalucía, por su clima, se cultiva mucha fruta tropical, por lo que se encuentran por todos los mercados nacionales, como también se exportan al resto de Europa.
    En la Isla española de Canarias se cultivan plátanos de calidad superior desde principios del siglo XV, y de allí fueron los españoles los que lo llevaron a América en 1516.
    Evi, además de las frutas tropicales que tu cita, y que a mi me encantan. En las provincias españolas de Málaga y Granada, se cultivan otras muchas que aunque son originarias de centro América y de Asia, como la papaya, la guayaba, la fruta de la pasión o maracuyá, el níspero, el higo chumbo, la pitahaya, la fruta del dragón, etc. etc.
    Me ha encantado tu entrada...como siempre, amiga Evi.
    Que tengas un buen día.

  16. I love both bananas and mangoes. However, one should be careful about the quantity eaten, as they might add to weight.
    Guavas have a great smell!

  17. Pineapple, banana and avocado are my favorites! And quite good and healthy, too!

  18. Me encanta todo tipo de frutas. Todas tienen vitaminas.


  19. Always very interesting, I really liked it. Hugs


  20. ¡Hola! Me encantan estas frutas, en especial el mango. Besos 💛

  21. I like these fruits. These are very delicious.

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  22. I like mango and avocado. Pineapple more in the form of juice.

  23. So good and yummy *-*

  24. My favorite fruit is mango, but I become intolerant to it!!


  25. Hola! Tiene buena pinta las frutas. Besos

  26. Mangoes of my favorite! We would have a mango tree if we were south enough.

  27. Mine are nectarines, lychee and pineapple.

  28. I like bananas, oranges and mandarins.

  29. I love mango. It's one of my favourite fruits.



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