Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Why do Rich and Famous Persons Get Divorce?

Fig 01- Bill Gates, Melinda and kids (credit to DNA).

After 27 years of marriage with 3 kids, surprisingly, Bill and Melinda announced their split.

The enthralling question then: Why do they get divorce?

Before we might answer the question, let’s see the facts for “common” people in respect to divorce, as a comparison.

Scientific journal, Couple Family Psychol. 2013 Jun; 2(2): 131–145 concluded the reasons to divorce are:

- lack of commitment

- infidelity

- conflict/ arguing

- domestic violence

- substance use.

- lack of education

- lack of skill developments

Fig 02- Radish, an edible root vegetable. Illustration.

Fig 03- Satsuma orange, not ripe yet.

Other facts that in term of money, there is different between younger and older community:

- money is the main reason to divorce for younger generation
- money is not really reason for older, about 29% only.

Back to question: Why do Bill Gates and Melinda get divorce?

From above facts and reasons to split, there is no ground for Bill and Melinda to divorce. We have no clues yet.

We just hope that both of them “will better off” after divorced.


  1. Only they know why they want a divorce.

  2. semoga bill dan mantan istrinya kelak hidup bahagia dengan pilihannya masing masing ya kak evi, hanya mereka dan Tuhan yang tahu mengapa akhirnya keduanya memutuslan divorce , so sad...hiks

  3. Quizás el aburrimiento, el no tener proyectos en común, que con los años el amor se halla transformado en cariño...
    Saludos Evi

  4. Quien sabe la verdad como tu espero que sean felices. por su lado. Te mando un beso

  5. There can be many reasons why people split up after so many years, Evi. But the essential is constant change. The marriage could not or did not know how to keep up with the rhythm and the consequent harmony of that change and then there was a gap between the two that set in motion any of the reasons that marriages have for separating. In other words, there was no adaptability to change...

    Huge hug among the biggest.

  6. Hi, Evi! My husband and I got divorce many years ago too. The reason was his mother. She was against our marriage. She is sure her son must belong only to her.

  7. Well, only the couples involved know the real reason...

  8. I was sad to hear about Bill and Melinda Gates splitting. Who knows why any marriage falls apart? I wish them the best.

  9. Solo ellos tienen la respuesta. Saludos amiga.

  10. E' sempre un piacere sostare sulle tue belle pagine

  11. It is very sad yet so common these days. Some love to find the smallest reasons to divorce. From what I heard she'd found fault with him back in 2019 because he'd associated with a certain rich guy (You know, the one who exploited all those young girls and later died in jail) but who knows. The trust might have never been there like either thought it was.

  12. Es dificil saber o entender lo que pasa en una pareja, solo los involucrados en la relacion saben la razon de la separacion.

  13. A veces no hay una razón, símplemente quieres emprender un camino distinto sin la persona que ha sido tu pareja. ¡Besos mil!

  14. Great post.


  15. Os verdadeiros motivos só quem está na relação sabe
    Quem está de fora especula motivos sem obter respostas

  16. Interesting post


  17. I znowu ludzie dużo o nich piszą, więc może to jest przyczyną? :)

  18. Can we say that money sometimes bring sadness.

  19. Credo ci siano mille motivi per divorziare: economici, gelosia, sesso, fine di un amore, parenti insopportabili, gusti alimentari o artistici differenti... internet😊
    Felice giornata, un abbraccio

  20. in my opinion, every married couple definitely has an internal conflict that only they know about while it is difficult to resolve from year to year. but because they are well known figures, so this issue becomes more sensational and surely attract more attention...


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