Sunday, June 6, 2021

Carcinogen and the Skin Protection

Fig 01- Sunscreen cream

Get ready for Summer?

Have you filled your bucket lists for Summer?

Including sunscreens?

In last post I mentioned about the sunshine vitamin and needed the direct sunlight exposure to our skin:

- Sunshine Vitamin and Indian Blankets in the Baton Rouge Garden – Part 1

I do not apply sunscreen for the morning walking, but I still protect my skin from sunlight damages.

I apply moisturize with sunscreen on my face and skin during daytime outdoor activities.

Even more in the summer, we have extra attention to our skin.

The good thing, there are many kinds of sunscreens from numerous brands in the markets.

Fig 02- Skin care products for Summer

Then I heard news from the CBS morning about some contamination of benzene in sunscreen products.

It was found traces of benzene in 78 of nearly 300 sprays and lotions tested by Valisure. 

Fig 03- Moisturize with sunscreen from Neutrogena

Some of them are products of:

- Neutrogena
- Sun Bum
- CVS Health
- Fruit of the Earth.

Here, the list of products that had been tested and contain benzene, also the petition for recall those contaminate products.

Benzene is a carcinogenic agent. Benzene can cause our cell not work correctly, such as blood cancer, because it causes damage to p53 gene in our cells.

P53 is a gene that play a role in controlling cell division and cell death or known as tumor suppressor genes.

Damages or changes of p-53 genes can result in loss of inhibition leading to tumor formation, that cause cancer cells to grow and spread in our body.

It is ironic, we have risk to have cancer from the product that should protect us from cancer.


  1. Great post. Summer is approaching and hot weather our skin needs protection. I do not sunbathe, I use sunscreen.
    Have a nice, happy week, Evi:)

  2. Evi, protecting ourselves from the sun is very important to avoid skin cancer. On the other hand, it is good to be friends with the sun because it provides us with vitamin D, which both make calcium fix to the bones. Hydration and protection are necessary to maintain healthy skin

  3. This reminds me that I need to get some sunscreen too.

  4. Very good post. Healthy tanning is very important :)

  5. Another important tip, Evi. Very important really. Here in the south they advise (I don't know over there in the northern hemisphere) that we not expose ourselves to the sun between 11 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon...

    The hugest hug again!!

  6. We have to be very careful in Hawaii. The sun is very harsh here. I've seen people on the airplane when we fly to the mainland with horrible sunburns. Ouch!

    1. I had heard about benzene. I do use sunscreen.

  7. Hello!! this is really interesting and useful. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Siempre es bueno cuidarse la piel y proteger del sol . Buena entrada. Te mando un beso

  9. Muy importante e interesante lo que cuentas. Saludos amiga.

  10. Notizie interessanti, da tener sempre presenti

  11. Molto interessante... Io cerco di usare solo prodotti naturali, e speriamo in bene!

  12. Gracias, Evi, por la información y ahora mismo voy a mirar esa lista para ver si algunas de esas marcas se venden por aquí.
    En España, desde hace dos meses, están avisando los dermatólogos de que este año los rayos solares pueden hacer mucho daño en la piel, sobre todo en niños pequeños, para que todas las personas se protejan convenientemente.
    Un abrazo, y que tengas una feliz semana.

  13. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

    Infinitely Posh

  14. It's very important to protect the skin from sun.


  15. I recently heard about the Benzene issue. I too apply a moisturizer with spf30 on a daily basis and then apply a sunscreen when we are doing something more outdoorsy.

  16. Such good information. I have lots of sunscreen to always put on during the day.

  17. Muy interesante lo que nos cuentas. Besos.

  18. That is ironic. Skin cancer is on both sides of my family so sun screen is something I take seriously. I use a Banana Boat product that is benzene free and works well.

  19. I really like Neutrogena products. They have excellent quality.
    Coisas de Feltro

  20. it is so important to use those kind of items:)

  21. Yes it is ironic! Thanks for this important information!

  22. Thanks for the info! I use Neutrogena 100 dry sunscreen and was relieved to see that it wasn't one of the ones with benzene in it. I agree that the irony of sunscreen causing cancer is unreal! Stay safe out there. :)

  23. Great post! Especially, skincare is very important.

  24. Siempre es bueno protegerse
    la piel, que es muy importante
    sobre todo en el Verano.

    Besitos dulces


  25. I always use sunscreen. Thanks for this great informative post.

  26. Nice post. Yes, it is important to protect your skin sunscreen.

  27. Interesting and useful post, thanks for sharing!

  28. Wow, great information to know, thank you for the information shared and very useful. Permission to share posts to groups

  29. Muy interesante, no conocía la noticia. Besos.


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